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What Makes a Cold Steel Tanto Knife Such a Fantastic Knife




    What Makes a Cold Steel Tanto Knife Such a Fantastic Knife


    Knives, though seemingly simple in design, are one of the best examples of an object that is far more than what meets the eyes. Knives come in thousands of variations, hundreds of crafting schools, and dozens of blade types. Some styles of knife design have a crafting lineage going back thousands of years. One such example is the Cold Steel Tanto Knife. Crafted using modern rapid chilling techniques, the Tanto knives you can find at White Mountain Knives are borne of an incredible legacy.

    The Tanto style of blade was invented in ancient Japan, during the Heian period of Japanese history. This blade was unique in that it was designed to be both functional and attractive. Core to the design of the Tanto is the smoothly tapered point, making it ideal for stabbing while still being useful as a slashing tool. This characteristic means that Tanto knives have always excelled at being able to poke through tougher materials.

    Modern Cold Steel Tanto knives, likewise, can be used as puncturing tools. Whether you’re cutting leather, cloth, cardboard, or rubber, a Tanto knife will make the job quick and easy. For hunters, having a Tanto knife on hand could mean the difference between getting a clean-cut pelt and a roughshod one.

    While Tanto knives have come a long way since their roots in ancient Japan, many of the core characteristics remain to this day. For example, it is very rare to see a ridge from forging on the side of the blade, and they tend to still be small, smooth blades with no serration. In addition, Tanto knives tend to be fixed blade, meaning they are ideal for those who don’t mind carrying a sheath. While the tendency of the Tanto to be small doesn’t make them the strongest self-defense knife, there are a number of historical examples of Tanto knives being used this way.

    The modern Cold Steel Tanto Knife is considerably more durable and long-lasting than the Tanto knives of bygone eras. By cryo-quenching, quality German Stainless Steel, Cold Steel creates a durable knife with a beautiful edge. There is a Cold Steel Tanto Knife for nearly every use, budget, and aesthetic style. From the Cold Steel Lite line of Tanto knives, which are durable economy knives for light to medium use, to the Cold Steel Recon Tanto Fixed Blade Knife SK-5, which is a premium, all-black blade made with top-shelf SK-5 steel with Black Tuff-Ex Finish, the Tanto style has remained a time-tested point style that works for many buyers.

    If you’d like to learn more about Tanto knives, Cold Steel knives, and the many uses for craft quality blades, visit White Mountain Knives today. Their team of passionate, experienced professionals is on-hand to help you get the knife that will help you get the job done right, whether you’re cutting leather strips or hunting the most dangerous game. Don’t spend money on a knife you won’t trust, instead look for quality and legacy before you buy.

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