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Where a degree in Sales & Marketing will take you


    Where a degree in Sales & Marketing will take you

    -by Shalaka


    Sales and marketing is a rather lucrative field to pursue in today’s times. Every brand, business or company wants their products to reach the maximum number of audiences who will be interested in their products.


    While pursuing a marketing and sales degree, you will be required to take a couple of classes which will be dealing with economics and general management. In the course of your sales and marketing degree, you will learn a lot about the market and how to pitch your products to your target audience accordingly. The current trends and practices in the marketing world, and the analysis of its insights will be taught to you as a core part of the curriculum. This will further help you better understand the demographics and product you will be handling in the future. Applied marketing research and marketing communication will be skills which will be taught to you implicitly throughout the time of your course. There are a number of colleges in India which are good courses in marketing and sales. A number of colleges in Powai as well have one of a kind courses for marketing and sales. 


    A degree in marketing and sales can get you into a job in any field of your choice. You can be hired for any of the positions in any brand of your choice. 


    • Marketing manager

    A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing marketing strategies. Apart from doing the back end work, the marketing manager also becomes a source for the front end marketing job. They have to identify and create marketing strategies based on the product, area and the audience towards whom the product is pitted. Accordingly, the marketing manager creates price tags, discounts, sales, publicity strategies and so on.


    • Marketing research analyst

    A marketing research analyst first does an intense field work to understand the people and their needs of the product. Accordingly, they come up with marketing strategies. A marketing research analyst mainly focuses on research and behind the desk work to come up with strategies, while the marketing manager interacts more with the customers and buyers. The research analyst also compares its product with other products and tries to judge the competition.


    • Sales manager

    A sales manager directly handles customer grievances. They oversee the operational records and project sales and try to regulate profitability. The sales manager is also in charge of the regional and local sales managers and the local staff.


    • Sales representative

    A sales representative tries to pitch and sell the products to prospective buyers. The representative shares all relevant information with respect to the products. They try to make the product sound attractive and also try to understand the customer’s unique needs. Sales representatives connect with clients and sign contracts with buyers. If an issue arises with the deal, the sales representative takes care of it.


    • Public relations specialist

    A Public Relations specialist studies the objectives of the product, the kind of audience it is best suited for and comes up with the most effective way to promote the product. The public relations specialist is in charge of promotional policies, the needs of the organisation and they try to develop strategies which will influence public opinion regarding the products. They try to promote ideas, products and services in the best way possible so that it reaches the maximum audience. 


    • Advertisement industry 

    Today, the advertisement industry is booming with opportunities. Someone as a part of this industry has to plan, direct, coordinate and produce advertising policies and programs. They have to produce advertising products such as posters, brand contests, promotional videos and so on. The advertising industry is also in charge of the execution of plans to meet the campaign goals.


    • Brand manager

    As a brand manager, you will be required to build a good name for the brand. You will be responsible for adopting a strategy, brand guidelines and the execution of all promotional material. You will be in charge of the teams which work with the brand and you can direct them according to the needs and wants of the brand. 


    • Business advisor

    As a business advisor, you will be required to do research and provide information on the finance, funding and future probabilities of a profit for the company or brand. You will be required to put in your advice on the business strategy that they should use and how they can introduce their products to their audience. You will be required to work with clients, prospective associates and build up a network and good name for the business. 


    After completing your Master’s degree in Marketing and Sales, you will qualify for a senior post anywhere. Hard work, passion and a love for interaction and communication will help you pursue your work with optimism.




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