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Who is to blame – a Cow’s viewpoint ?



    Who is to blame – a Cow’s viewpoint ?

    -by Pashupati Kalyan Parishad, Udaipur



    PKP Animal shelter udaipur



    I am considered mother (Gau Mata) in India and worshiped in many ways. Like a mother I  also compensate you in every possible way I can,  like providing milk products or giving fertilizers for agriculture activities and many other things, but I do not want  to write on my importance.  I might look hot topic in political discussions but in real world I am living in a horrible life.

    When I get old ,sick or infertile, my owner leaves me on roads. I wander whole day in search of food. I get abuse from people and I am forceful to eat from roads. As I am not knowledgeable like you, I eat polythene bags along with food and It get stuck to my stomach and one day it become main reason for my painful death. As I also do not know traffic rules, I become easy target for road accidents and injured myself and others and  It turns to be hard to get food with broken leg. In rainy season it is more difficult to be out on road , I do not even get dry place to sit.

    I do not know who is responsible for my condition. is it  me who is not intelligent as you or  it is you  who has changed a lot.

    I remember old days when I was considered a family member in most of the houses. I know it is not possible now a days to have me in your house. But at least you can have empathy towards me, it is ok if  you cannot give a single roti to be but please do not abuse me. I just want people  to love me and accept me in the society.

    I urge you  to do not  throw polythene bags on road which turns to be main reason for my death. I will be grateful if you teach your children to be more sensitive towards animals.

    I know there are also some people from your society who stands by my side and  provide love, shelter, food and medical services to animals like me and I hope that this support will get bigger with time and more people  will join hands for betterment of  this world and animals. 






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    The above article has been written and brought to you by Pashupati Kalyan Parishad, Udaipur




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