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Wholesale RDA Fundamentals: A Basic Guide to RDAs




    Wholesale RDA Fundamentals: A Basic Guide to RDAs


    Low resistance, PV, Mod, RBA: there are plenty of acronyms and terminology specific to the vaping industry. Unfortunately, this information can be vital to ensure you have all the required information and equipment necessary before making a large purchase (for example, making a Wholesale RDA purchase). To help start you on your path to understanding vaping terminology, here are the basics of RDAs:

    What Are RDAs?
    RDA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. However, when dealing with RDAs, there are two other relevant acronyms you will need to understand – RBA (or Rebuildable Atomizers) and RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). RDAs and RTAs are both a form of RBAs. Each of these rebuildable options put you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to “build” the coil of your device. While there is a variety of building alternatives, the process is generally the same. You will:

    • Wrap the Coil
    • Attach the Coil to the System
    • Add the Wick

    Oftentimes, you will determine the build by the particular style of RBA you choose and the type of vape the user is trying to achieve. In general, Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers consist of both positive and negative connection points where you will add the coils. Therefore, before you start, you will need to understand how to attach your coils. Once the coils are inserted and are conducting correctly, you will place the cotton wick through the wrapped coil. Then, select your choice of e-liquid and saturate the wick, putting the top cap on your atomizer when completed. After allowing time for the wick to fully saturate, the device will be ready for you to begin.

    What Are the Advantages to Using RDAs?
    Increased flavor production is the main advantage to using an RDA. You just can’t beat the flavor you receive from a newly juiced atomizer that you’ve customized yourself, and, if you have never tried hitting an RDA before, you should at least try it once before you decide whether it will be worth the work for you. Another significant advantage of RDAs is they provide more space than their counterpart, the tank atomizer. Due to this, it allows for more substantial and complicated build, opportunities which can increase both your cloud production and your flavor enjoyment. Plus having the better airflow offered by RDAs will help to keep your coils cool, which, in turn, will allow you to use your vaporizer at higher wattages while still keeping your vapor at a comparatively cool temperature.

    However, one of the more significant advantages to using an RDA is how much more straightforward they are to troubleshoot any issues. Unlike other devices, when you start to have a weird taste, you won’t have to unscrew a variety of different parts (often making a mess in the process). Instead, you just need to take the cap off the top of your atomizer and wicks.

    Are There Any Disadvantages to RDA’s?
    For most individuals, the most prominent disadvantage for RDAs is they drip constantly. For many, this is not a very convenient aspect; with every few hits, more liquid will drip down onto your wicks. In fact, this disadvantage is the main reason many people steer away from RDAs.

    Rebuildable drip atomizers are not for beginners. They require more vaping knowledge in order to properly maintain and operate the device efficiently. Often, it takes some trial and error to get the process down correctly. While they are not extremely complicated, RDAs do require time and playing around with the device to find that perfect sweet spot. That doesn’t mean you cannot learn, however!

    While buying wholesale RDA products is easy, you need to know more about this type of device before you make a purchase. For more information on rebuildable drip atomizers or how they can improve your vaping experience, call Kingdom Vapor. Their skilled vaping enthusiasts can answer any RDA questions you may have and help you to choose the best device for your needs. Don’t delay call 1-814-297-8240 today!

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