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Wholesale Vape Supplies: Crucial Tips for Prolonging Your Battery Life





    Wholesale Vape Supplies: Crucial Tips for Prolonging Your Battery Life

    When buying wholesale vape supplies, there is one essential item you should always keep on your list – the battery. Vaping devices are powered by batteries and are either charged by a traditional household charger or a USB charger. However, just like any other battery type, these charging units can be damaged. To help prolong the life of your battery, remember these crucial tips.

    Regularly Use It
    Vaping devices use a lithium-ion battery. Another standard way to prolong your battery life is to use your battery on a daily basis. To ensure each of your batteries gets regularly used, only rotate a couple of batteries for use.

    Never Overcharge Your Unit
    It’s easy to put your battery on a charger and leave it until later. Unfortunately, instead of having a positive impact on your battery, it will have a negative one. Not only will leaving it on the charger affect the life of your battery, but it can also cause the amount of charge it can hold to diminish. Keeping a battery on the charger will overwork it, causing difficulty for the device to maintain a healthy charge.

    Buy the Correct Battery
    Just like other electronic devices, if you use the incorrect battery option, it can cause problems for either: the device, the battery, or both. To avoid problems, never use batteries that can overpower the e-cigarette or vaping device. You can determine the correct battery for your option by reading the label, checking with your local wholesale vape supplies distributor, vaping forums, or other helpful, informative vaping experts.

    Keep Up With Care and Maintenance
    To keep your battery and device in tip-top shape, always keep up with care and maintenance of your battery. To clean your device, you should use alcohol wipes or a tissue to clean the battery and terminal components when it is dirty and not in use. Other care tips include:

    • Never charge your device overnight.
    • Only plug your device into good USB ports.
    • If your battery overheats, or you feel it is unsafe to use make sure that it is disposed of properly.

    If you ever feel you have a damaged battery, always take it to a service center for electronics.

    Store It Properly
    Batteries for vaping devices have to follow specific guidelines to prevent them from degrading and decreasing their lifespan. You should also never:

    • Expose batteries to extreme heat,
    • Set them in direct sunlight for long periods of time, or
    • Store them in damp or dirty places

    Avoid Leaving Empty Batteries Around
    Whenever you have a drained battery, you should always charge it before you store it. As crazy as it sounds, batteries can drain even when they aren’t in use. Therefore, if you leave a battery completely dead when you store it, it will have even less of a charge capability than it did before. Due to this, you should always keep your batteries well charged and rotated frequently.

    Pick the Right Options for Your Device
    When choosing your vaping device, specific features can help to extend your battery life. For example, high capacity vaping options require fewer charges, using the manufacturer’s charger instead of another brand will provide the best possibility of recharging your device with the proper settings, and high operating temperatures can lead to battery damage and premature aging.

    For more information on prolonging your battery life, or if you have questions on the best battery options for your vaping device, contact Kingdom Vapor today. Our highly experienced staff works hard to ensure the very best for our clientele.

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