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Why Are Sex Toys Still a Taboo?


    Why Are Sex Toys Still a Taboo?


    -by Tobias Rawcliffe



    Sex toys as a conversation to this day remains a top secret subject amongst friends and family. Although millions of people would fail a lie detector if answering ‘no’ to a question regarding their use of sex toys, we still think it’s best to keep the entire industry under wraps. 

    Toys of this nature date back thousands of years, with historians and archaeologists noting that many findings have been man-made with one simple purpose. The shape and resemblance of some of the objects dug from the history books couldn’t be formed for much else. Many age-old drawing have been found on the walls of past civilisations that depict activities that can not be mistaken. People in the act of pleasuring themselves or others with phallus-like objects. 

    It has also been found that the use of anal sex toys has a much deeper past than you may have first thought. It is clear to see that humans throughout 1000’s of years of evolution and development have strived for sexual pleasure, without the sole intention being procreation. 

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    So why is that now, in a time where people have more access to expressing their thoughts and opinions to the world do we leave this topic to fester in the darkness? 

    Sex and everything that comes with it feels amazing. With some being more adventurous or inquisitive than others, they find their stimulation in other areas. But we are all looking for that same great feeling that comes with sex, foreplay and masturbation. 




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