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Why install a Hard Water Shower Filter

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    Why install a Hard Water Shower Filter


    A hard water shower filter is what you need for your shower!

    The appearance of dry skin is very particular among people during the winter season, but it is also becoming a common issue during the summer season too. Earlier people used to blame seasonal change; a factor behind this problem but now the hard water and presence of chlorine in it make skin miserably throughout the year.

    When you feel that after taking a shower and even after applying shampoo on your hair, you still feel the hair getting dull, dry, and unmanageable, then this is due to hard water. Before we talk about hard water shower filters, Read More:

    What is Hard and Soft water?

    The water we have is called either “Soft water” or “hard water.” Soft is fine for health, for drinking purposes, and even for usage, while on the other hand, hard water is not suitable to be used either for drinking or use on a daily basis. It is said that hard water contains some substances and chemicals which make them harmful to health. Hard water is bad for hair, skin, tubs, and even steam coming out of it is not good for bathroom fittings, etc.


    shower filter


    Benefits of using a hard water shower filter:

    The normal tap water contains chlorine. Normally chlorine is a chemical that is added to the water as a medicine. The chlorine even has a smell, and one can easily find out the presence of a chemical in water. It is always advisable to purify water from the harmful effects of chlorine.

    When we use the bath, the pores of the skin open; normally during the warm or hot shower, the body pores are more prone to absorb and get in chlorine. The impact of chlorine cause skin allergy makes skin look bad and even hair falling results.

    But when water is filtered with the help of a hard water shower filter, the water attains its normal condition, and all its harmful substances are removed. Such water can not only be used for the shower but can also be used for drinking purposes.

    Besides yourself, hard water can also damage your bathroom fittings. All your taps, rods, and towel racks can be destroyed from the steam of hard water during winters. With a hard water shower filter, you will have the freedom to use water effectively and for all users. The steam will not destroy your bathroom fittings as well as your health.


    Available hard water shower filter:

    There may be many hard water shower filters in the market, the effectiveness depends mainly upon the usability, application of the apparatus, durability, user-friendliness, and life. Some of the preferred choices are:

    Premium hard water shower filter by WaterChef: Two-level filtration plants is a good option to be used for purifying water from the harmful effects of hard water. The installation system is very simple, and you don’t need to hire any professional for that matter.

    Hard water shower filter by Rainbow: the apparatus by Rainbow removes around 80% of the chlorine from water. The installation procedure is very easy, and anyone can do so.

    Hard water shower filter by Culligan: if you want to get purified water in bulk, then this Culligan hard water filter is the best option for you. It can clean as much as 10,000 gallons of water in one go.

    And it can purify water up to the level of 99%. The filter works well when you plan to invest in any hard water shower filter which works and is economical.

    Though low in price, the product is preferred by most people and is ranked high due to better quality. Though by appearance the spray looks ordinary, like other filter showers; but it works as a great filter.

    The time usage of the filter is for six months around and don’t worry when you replace the cartilage; you will be charged a low price. Thus if you want to give some comfort to your hair, skin, and body, then the best possible solution is the hard water shower filter.


    Save money besides getting a Hard water shower filter:

    When comes to the question of getting a water shower filter, some people are reluctant to install or buy a new one; there are others who prefer buying used filters which remain effective for only a few months and result in more money spending regarding its repairing. However, Culligan even has a solution to this problem.

    Now you can buy only the filter, rather than getting the entire shower. With the help of Teflon tape, one can adjust the filter to the existing shower. The external filter has not only the ability to take out chlorine from the water but also helps in converting hard water to soft water and makes it appropriate for everyday usage

    Finding the best hard water shower filter is not difficult; however, you may require doing some homework to make your purchase. It is advisable to use the filter to keep you healthy and safe from harmful bacteria.

    Try to make a cost-benefit comparison as to which procedure suits you? You can go for an entire in-build shower filter, or you can get only the filter and adjust it with your existing shower with a Teflon tap, both ways you will get chlorine-free, soft water.



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