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Why Restaurants And Bars Must Dress Up Their Pint Glasses With Koozies





    Why Restaurants And Bars Must Dress Up Their Pint Glasses With Koozies


    More than any other places, restaurants and bars make the most extensive use of pint glasses for serving liquids to their guests. If you own a restaurant or a bar, you will find the Pint Glass Koozie a lovely addition to your pint glasses. Here are a few good reasons why you must dress up your pint glasses with those wonderful koozies that are attractive, colourful, flexible and weightless.

    Preserve the temperature of the contents served
    Pint glasses have a wide open top and their contents are exposed to the atmosphere immediately after filling them. Hence it is natural that the liquid contents lose their temperature whether cold or hot very soon. Pint glass koozies are made of either neoprene or other flexible kind of materials or fabric which have a high degree of insulation capabilities. Koozies help preserve the temperature of the liquids served in the pint glasses. This is the foremost advantages of dressing up your pint glasses with those great looking koozies.

    Enable the guests hold the glasses comfortably
    Whether hot or cold, the temperature of the liquids stored in pint glasses can place some strain on your hands while holding the glasses. When the temperatures of the contents are extreme, you love to drink them, but find it difficult to hold the glasses. Pint glass koozies make it comfortable to hold the glasses without much strain. Due to their insulation properties they hardly make your hands feel unmanageable coldness or hotness.

    Also, the liquids stored in the glasses make the exteriors of the glasses wet and slippery due to the process known as condensation of the atmospheric air on the glasses. Hence you lose your grip on the glasses and tend to slip them down. Imagine a glass slipping from the fingers of your guests and breaking on the floor can be an embarrassing experience that would disturb all the people around creating a bad scene. With the koozies on them, the guests will find it very easy to hold the pint glasses in their hands. This is one of the great reasons why you must seriously think of dressing up your pint glasses with koozies.

    Give you pint glasses an attractive facelift
    Most types of pint glasses we find around us look bare and uninteresting to look. There is nothing scenic about them to look at. The pint glass koozies come in different colors. You can get them made for your order in the color you want. When you dress up your pint glasses with those colourful koozies, you add more colors to your tables to engage your guests better. Your guests are most likely to love the pint glasses with those colourful kooizes.

    Enhance your brand name
    When you order for pint glass koozies, you can get them printed with the custom content you give the makers. You can project the name of your restaurant, your log and business information that will help etch the memories of your restaurant in the minds of your guests and also present a corporate image that will help enhance the reputation of your business.

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