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Will We Survive the Gadgets?



    Will We Survive the Gadgets?

    -by Vindya Wijayaweera


    Daily around us all we see are people with bended necks glaring in to their technological devices. Today, this device has become an integral part of all our lives. We are unable to move, focus or wake up without either our phone or the tablets. Initially it was the computer that took over our lives, fortunately it was too difficult to be carried around, then came the portable devices, the large analog phones. Eventually it was not too good for us. We moved into a sleek, colour screen phone which can be carried on our palm and in the jeans pocket. It fits us perfectly, that’s what everyone said. So it became our constant companion. The ideal friend for an introvert and ideal partner in crime for many.

    Eventually the phones were followed by the applications. Games captured our attention and social media captured our hearts. Lives were stripped and naked on the social media. Marriages made and broken, suicides and accidents recorded. This device was the only partner that never left us. Was always beside us, teaching, ruining and guiding us for destruction. Why are we so in love with these devices? It takes our pain away from loneliness, it takes us to a dreamy life we always dreamt of. Today, we live in a technical cocoon surrounded by friends and friends of friends whom we never speak to but share our thoughts and our deepest, darkest secrets in silence. We become the prey of another being.

    A human has become a slave today to a technological piece. No sooner we will be surrendered and given up our freedom to an algorithm that will monitor and control us. Will we survive? We will, just like a science fiction movie but this time we won’t be running away from the terminator but running away from virtual being that does not exist.

    Can a government control it or a regulator manage it. We would never know. Technology will be taken over by another superior technology. Humans will become the slave for every dominant machinery or an equipment that will get developed by the human itself. Can we get way before it is too late? Maybe, just maybe if we control our greediness for gossip. Will we survive? Yes, we will, with malicious intentions of harming each other and invading our privacy. Our lives stripped again and again till we will become extinct forever.






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