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Winning Tactics for Selecting the Right Nicotine Salt E-Juice





    Winning Tactics for Selecting the Right Nicotine Salt E-Juice


    If you’ve been in the vaping scene for quite some time, you’ve probably determined the best route for restocking your Nicotine Salt Ejuice supply. However, if you’re new to vaping, or just haven’t taken the time to experiment or branch out into new e-juice flavors since you first started, then you need to learn how to select the right nicotine salt e-liquids for you. To help figure out the best selection for your needs, remember these helpful tips and tricks:

    Will the E-liquid Work for Your Device?
    First and foremost, when choosing an e-juice, you have to consider if it is compatible with your device. While e-liquids may all seem the same, some can work better on specific devices or even cause damage to others. For example, clove e-juice options are known for producing cracks in several transparent plastic tanks, while darker colored e-juice flavors can burn devices with a low-resistance atomizer because of their thick residue. Therefore, it is always highly suggested to talk with the distributor to determine if the e-juice type you choose will be compatible with your device as well as which options you should avoid.

    Experiment, Experiment, Experiment
    Taste is one of the most varied and personal characteristics of e-juice. However, since there is no way to determine if a flavor tastes “good” without actually trying it for yourself, to find the perfect nicotine salt e-juice with all of the other characteristics you require is often about trial and error. With so many different flavors and manufacturers, this can be quite a long-term, but enjoyable, task. E-juice manufacturers take pride in their extensive array of creative flavorings, and these impressive options can include tobacco, fruit, dessert, and many more, often surprising, flavors. Keep in mind, though, that taste is only one of the criteria needed to keep in mind when selecting the correct e-liquid.

    Determine Your Nicotine Strength
    Another key component to finding the perfect e-liquid is to determine the level of nicotine strength you require. Nicotine salt e-juice is made in a notable variety of nicotine strengths. If you know you want nicotine in your e-liquid, most nicotine salt manufacturers and distribution companies will recommend starting with nicotine levels between 10 to 15 mg. Once you have tried the e-liquid, you can gradually increase or decrease the concentration level with your next purchase until you are completely delighted and satisfied with your purchase. In general, most nicotine liquids will come in the following concentration levels:

    • 0.8 mg (or 0.9 percent)
    • 1.2 mg (or 1.2 percent)
    • 1.8 mg (or 1.8 percent)
    • 2.4 mg (or 2.4 percent)

    However, there are exceptions and additional levels depending upon the company that manufactures the e-juice.

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