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Worlds Away is an Industry Leader and the Best Place to Buy Wholesale Furniture Online



    Worlds Away is an Industry Leader and the Best Place to Buy Wholesale Furniture Online



    In-the-know industry insiders come to Worlds Away to Buy Wholesale Furniture Online. Established in Memphis, TN in 1992, we are skilled designers of classic, yet modern furnishings. We specialize in the chic and the retro-contemporary. We’re talking Hollywood Regency and Mid-Century Modern design – these are the looks of luxury and are just right in this day and age. It is the décor found in high-end hotel suites, the most upscale restaurants, and trendy cocktail bars. Worlds Away is where to find the finest versions of it for the wholesale market. Intrigued as to just what kind of gorgeous things can be found on our website? Well, there are too many to list, but here is just a hint.


    Worlds Away features a collection of furnishings so beautiful and so well-crafted that they make a statement that manages to be both subtle and attention-getting. We use materials like stainless steel and brass then overlay them with gold and silver leafing. Our rosewood tables and desks are polished in lacquer for that muted Old Hollywood glow. These pieces are subtly curved with the seductive shapes of the Regency Moderne. Then, there is the complementary contrast of our Mid-Century Modern collection with retro-futuristic lines in brass and painted bronze topped with glass or marble.

    The highly refined and the beautifully luxurious, that is what Worlds Away does. Whether it is tables or large-scale furnishings and case goods such as cabinets, chests, and dressers, or smaller decorative pieces and accessories, trays, or containers and wall art, Worlds Away crafts every item with care to elevate simple designs to design masterpieces.

    Ever been to a fine hotel, bar, or restaurant that managed to be totally sleek and sophisticated, yet thoroughly inviting? The kind of place that begged to be noticed, but at the same time inspired the kind of chill vibes perfect for sipping cocktails, savoring a fine entrée, or simply sinking into a seductive slumber in a plush bedroom. That’s what Worlds Away does. We create moods and sensations through fine furnishings. Our decorative artistry can be found in some of the most stunning and glamorous establishments around the world.

    Interior designs that just can’t be found anywhere else? That’s what Worlds Away does. Businesses turn to us for those totally unique light fixtures or metal furniture. We work with them throughout the design process, from concept to production samples, to the finished and totally beautiful product. They come to us again and again because we are willing to make adjustments, to choose the materials and the fabrics that work for them to meet the demands of their budget and their tastes.

    International shipping? Yes. Worlds Away does that, too. With European Quick Ship, we can ship within 7-10 days throughout the region. Whether the delivery location is foreign or domestic, our streamlined shipping service divisions quickly work to process orders for fast delivery worldwide.

    We’re Worlds Away and we do everything we can to help businesses create the perfect environment to thrive in a very competitive industry. Whether it is a full-scale interior design update that is required, or simply just a few additions to an established interior design scheme that’s needed, we just can’t wait to help. Ready to buy wholesale furniture online? We will create the kind of spaces in suites, restaurants, lobbies, and lounges that your guests can’t stop talking about and won’t stop coming back to. That’s what Worlds Away does. Want to know more? Check us out at, today, or contact us by email at!

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