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    -by Pragya Joshi



    Have you ever thought of your dream coming true, that moment? Ever tried chasing your dreams? And surely you must have found the things that are stopping you, breaking your self-confidence. But now its time to overcome all those barriers and let the unshakeable YOU come out of YOU , whom no one can stop ,nothing can stop.

    Everyone has a dream ,and the imagination of the moment when that dream comes true. And every one has abilities to fulfil their dreams because if a person have a dream whatever it may be , he/she also have the power to fulfil it . Then what is the problem? Here I am going to talk about those dreams ,that inner shine and that unwavering self-confidence, which is buried under the layers of demotivation, fear of failure, under-confidence and many such suppressing variables, that need to be vanished out to bring out that gem inside you.


    “He who says he can , he who says he can’t, are both usually right.”

    Start thinking of your dream all day long because if you believe it your mind can achieve it. Make your dreams your addiction. Create a belief that yes I can and I will do it.We are not just born to pay bills and die, so live with an aim, wake up with an idea and end your day with the satisfaction that your dream is coming true every moment. A dream is a motivation in itself, so chase it, follow it, occupy it from all sides and not let it be released by your hands. According to me a person without any dream is like the sun rising without its warmth. So, DREAM IT! LIVE IT ! GET IT !


    Set a goal and as soon as you set a goal many things emerge to stop you , some are materialistic and others are all in our head (mentally emerged). A human mind is born with two fears ,i.e fear of sound and fear of falling , rest all are learned along the journey of life . They are taught to us by our environment and these fears lead to unaccomplished goals. Will you allow anyone or anything to come between you and your dreams ? If the instant answer that hits your mind is NO , HOW COULD I? Here you have won half the battle!  And now to own your dreams fully try to find out what is stopping you. It may be a fear , distraction , focusing on end results . Work on  it,handle it rather than letting it stop you. Every successful person have to go through many problems on his path of success. If you find  a path with no obstacles , you are going wrong for sure. So find those problems and solve them and carry on. Your dreams are waiting for you.


    Yes this is the right moment, stand up , create your own shine , your own destiny . As it is well said,


    “If you don’t build your dreams , someone else will hire you to build their”


    Always remember YOU CAN! YES YOU CAN.

    If not you then who? Nothing is impossible. A Fulfilling life awaits you.




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