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Yoga Is the Best Way of Maintaining Healthy Body


    Yoga Is the Best Way of Maintaining Healthy Body



    The ancient science of yoga is great for the body as well as the mind. Learn how it helps both from this article.

    Yoga is one of the most ancient traditions of India. The origination of yoga happened in present day India some 5000 years ago. The ancient yogis wanted to dig deep into the human psyche into the realm that was beyond all things that was mortal and materialistic. Things such as honor of conduct, behavior, emotions, personality and all kinds of other forms of attachments that was associated to the identity of the present understanding of consciousness.  This detachment of materialism would lead their conscience towards a more abstract reality of spiritual existence in a human.

    To reach this reality, there was a process that was more like a training of the mind and body potentials to be able to reach there. The process worked towards a better nutritional diet for yogis along with Asanas that trained the body and the meditational mindful practices for training the mind to be strong and functioning in its best potential. When the body and the mind train to sharpen their strengths, they are united to then function in unique synchronization, by the Prana, the life force, we know as breath.

    In today’s 21st century, the life pace has become faster. It leaves us almost no time to dwell on inner mechanisms such as the spiritual realm. The poor mind has to run through a 1000 thoughts per second. Yoga helps the mind organize these thoughts in a way that there is a lot of space that is made for the mind and for newer thoughts. And the Asanas that are a part of yoga, help in making the body as fluid as the mind and flexible enough to help the mind use the body in action in synchronization of the mind. The diet of a yogi enables the mind and the body work in their full potential and provides nourishment.

    Yoga schools in India are growing in number, so as to provide for the 18,000+ yoga enthusiasts that India hosts every year. Yoga enthusiasts head on for their yoga teacher training in India. Rishikesh, India, is the yoga hub of the world. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is some of the best teacher training destinations in India.

    So how exactly does yoga help in maintaining the health and the body?

    1. Yoga works on the mind and relaxes the pace at which the mind is running the thoughts and jamming into each other to take decisions:

    It teaches the mind to work on making and taking better decisions and alternatives as reaction towards everyday life scenarios. This means that the pangs of anxiety that you had to go through every day, will not recur in your life as you would have no causalities in association with anxiety caused decision making. This may have a great effect on major health issues such as anxious/stress-eating seen in many people.  The withdrawal of toxic foods from your system, the body is free to seek healthier options of nourishment. This keeps up with the good health in a person.

    1. Yoga makes body pro-active and flexible towards taking actions and movement:

    The Asanas that are one of the eight pillars that hold the process of yoga, works on making the body nimble, flexible, more present, responsive as well as strong from the core. Practising even a few Asanas will automatically give you results of flexible body movements, increase in stretch reach, stronger joints and more correction in movements and posture of a person.

    1. Yoga helps work on the digestive system:

    The practice of asanas has a special effect on the digestive system of a person. The stretching and contracting of the digestive and hormone secreting organs of the digestive symptoms, get back in shape and starts with the production of the right amount of hormones secretion and a balance in your metabolism. The right amount of hormones secretion leads to a more balanced state of emotions and mood swings.

    1. Yoga works on making way for the Prana (the life force of living beings) to all the parts of the body:

    Practicing yoga works on your breath control and an understanding that we act according to the freedom of our breath cycles. Breathing allows us movement, movement that explains the aliveness in our being. When the life force is not homogeneously distributed to all parts of the body, the problems start arising in many parts of the body. Yoga sees through the proper reach and distribution of breath to all the parts of your body. 

    In these ways yoga works on the betterment of the overall health and the health of the body.