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Your Next Choice for Card Printing Begins with ID Shop



    Your Next Choice for Card Printing Begins with ID Shop


    With all the choices online, it may seem like a no-brainer to select the right Plastic Card Printing Machine for your company. Although the end-product of all available modes is basically the same, there always seems to be subtle differences in the way that different machines work. Talk to our experts and help simplify the decision. At ID Shop, we’ve made sure that all printing machines we offer can serve you and your business over the long haul. You’ll not only find a great product at an excellent price, but you’ll receive a tool that can serve as a complete asset to your business as it continues to grow. Buy one of our products today and you won’t be disappointed in its quality or the service we offer to support you.

    Along with our printing machines, we also maintain a large inventory of parts that can help upgrade your machines to be even more efficient. If you scroll over to the card printing supplies section of our website, you’ll find that we offer a number of different parts for your printer on sale. You’ll find parts such as ink ribbons available in a number of different colors for printing use. With a wide variety of colors and options available at a great price, you’ll be hard pressed to say “no” to these.

    It’s also important to note that your plastic card printing machine will need to be well-maintained regardless of when you purchase it. Like anything you use on a daily basis, a printer is going to need to be cleaned and serviced over the course of a lifespan. Think of it as the dream car you always wanted. You’re going to have to wax, buff, and go through frequent oil changes to ensure that you keep that car a well-oiled machine. A printer is no different. That’s why we supply some of the best printer cleaning kits in the business. Insert our cleaning cards into your printer and you’ll have your machine running like it’s brand new all over again. Each selection of cleaning supplies comes in different matched quantities depending on the model it’s made for. You can easily find the proper products such as our Zebra cleaning kit with packs of 12 cards per purchase.

    You can trust us with anything we can provide you with. As a company, we’re one of the longest running businesses in the ID card industry. Since we first started in 1981, we’ve worked with a huge number of different institutions from businesses to schools and hospitals. For over 30 years, we have kept consistent in our goal, and that is to provide the best means of identification for anyone working in a diverse array of fields. We still even produce many of our products right in our home state of South Carolina! As a company, we’ve learned to grow and expand to help everyone around the world while still maintaining our roots.

    If you’d like to reach out to us, we’re more than happy to help. For questions regarding our products, contact our customer service department via phone at 844-443-7467 or email at We’re always happy to offer our services to those in need and we know you’ll be happy with the high-quality products you receive from us. Just check out our reviews!

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