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Animal Firm

    Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union.

    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

      To have taken the field openly against his rival would have been madness; for he was not a man to be thwarted in his amours, any more than that stormy lover, Achilles.
      Ichabod, therefore, made his advances in a quiet and gently insinuating manner. Under cover of his character of singing-master, he made frequent visits at the farmhouse; not that he had anything to apprehend from the meddlesome
      interference of parents, which is so often a stumbling-block
      in the path of lovers. Balt Van Tassel was an easy indulgent
      soul; he loved his daughter better even than his pipe,
      and, like a reasonable man and an excellent father, let her have her way in everything.

      What Is Karma? What Is Its Consequences?

        All knowledge, therefore, secular or spiritual, is in the human mind. In many cases it is not discovered, but remains covered, and when the covering is being slowly taken off, we say, “We are learning,” and the advance of knowledge is made by the advance of this process of uncovering.
        What is duty after all? It is really the impulsion of the flesh, of our attachment; and when an attachment has become established, we call it duty.

        Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Poetical Works

          From childhood’s hour I have not been

          As others were–I have not seen

          As others saw–I could not bring

          My passions from a common spring–

          From the same source I have not taken

          My sorrow–I could not awaken

          My heart to joy at the same tone–

          And all I loved–I loved alone–

          The Trial -Franz Kafka

            “There is no doubt,” he said quietly, “that there is some enormous organisation determining what is said by this court. In my case this includes my arrest and the examination taking place here today, an organisation that employs policemen who can be bribed, oafish supervisors and judges of whom nothing better can be said than that they are not as arrogant as some others. This organisation even maintains a high-level judiciary along with its train of countless servants, scribes, policemen and all the other assistance that it needs, perhaps even executioners and torturers I’m not afraid of using those words. And what, gentlemen, is the purpose of this enormous organisation? Its purpose is to arrest innocent people and wage pointless prosecutions against them which, as in my case, lead to no result…”

            Lady Chatterley’s Lover- by D. H. Lawrence (1928)

              And if after the roused intimacy of these vivid and soul-enlightened discussions the sex thing became more or less inevitable, then let it. It marked the end of a chapter. It had a thrill of its own too: a queer vibrating thrill inside the body, a final spasm of self-assertion, like the last word, exciting, and very like the row of asterisks that can be put to show the end of a paragraph, and a break in the theme.