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How Can You Publish Your Article Here?

Publishing in InnerToWords is very easy!

Register, Login, Publish! Yes, that’s all…

Step 1 Register

First, register using the link

Step 2 Login

Second, log in using the link

Step 3 Write

Now you are ready! Follow this link

Quality of Content

Quality of content is the most important thing in an website, irrespective of the nature of it. Please try to strictly follow the following advised features before you submit your article for publication:

Content should be minimum of 600 words. Otherwise it is considered by most search engines as “thin content” and they term it as “low quality” content.

The content should target at least one keyword. Your targeted keyword may be a single keyword or a long-tail keyword. You can target multiple keywords as well. But please take care that the multiple keywords does not become competing keywords. Try to make at least one of the multiple keywords as main keyword.

Always try to include the main keyword at least once in the first 10% of your content.

Always try to add the main keyword at least once in one of its subheadings.

Your content must be unique and completely plagiarism free. Please note that we do not publish plagiarized content. There are many online free tools to check plagiarism. If you find plagiarism then please re-write the sentences to make it unique.

Rest of the SEO optimizations we will take care of.