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Good times for Hardik Pandya are just round the corner, says Astrologer Sundeep Kochar



    Good times for Hardik Pandya are just round the corner, says Astrologer Sundeep Kochar



    Sundeep Kochar


    The past month has not been good for the famous Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya. After a recent interview on a famous TV show, he was caught off-guard owing to his statements that were termed as offensive by a majority of the viewers. The controversy that spread like wildfire has led Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul out of the playing 11 for 2 matches. Further, there are speculations on banning them from World Cup 2019.

    Talking about Hardik Pandya in a recent interview with Radio City,  celebrity astrologer in india Dr Sundeep Kochar explained the reasons that influenced Pandya and his career, and brought him all this trouble.

    “Hardik iccha thi ki hum bhi sitaron me shumar honge

    Na thi khabar ki is kadar andhere bhi sath honge”

    “Hardik is going through a negative phase right now. When he was born on 11 October 1993, based on the position of the stars, it was already written that this year was going to be tough on him. He would get stuck in troublesome situations. He was also injured recently,” said Dr Kochar during the interview.

    He also mentioned that if Hardik Pandya was a believer of astrology and would have consulted an astrologer before, he would have surely been warned about the impending dangers that have subdued his career. “… But destiny cannot be changed. This will happen till March 23, 2019. Things will take a turn for better after that. Surya Dasha, which is responsible for making a person wiser and mature, will also change and he will be able to think clearly on how to tread ahead in future,” said Dr Sundeep Kochar, who himself has represented in U-16 & U-19 UP state in cricket and later played for U-22 Karnataka. He also was in Ranji Trophy probables for Karnataka, playing along with Rahul Dravid from the same club.

    Discussing specifically about the remarks that Pandya made on the show, Dr Kochar said, “I am not in coherence with what he said.” The glitz and glamour that come with such shows often expose people to situations never experienced before. It plays a major role in influencing what they say and most importantly how they present it. The situation is different from what it was earlier. “We’ve been playing cricket for more than 100 years but there was no limelight and digital media for players to come to the forefront easily. It was only their game that spoke for them on TV,” said Dr Kochar.

    He added, “Pandya said that because he did not understand what was right or wrong to say on television. Every person has the right to live by their own terms but it is crucial to remain cautious while saying something, and you should know what not to say. But, what has happened has happened. There is nothing above time, it was all because of the stars that happened and he (Pandya) was somehow caught in it. But this will change after March 23, and in his journey ahead, he will definitely do well.”

    Further in the discussion about Pandya’s game, Dr Sundeep Kochar, mentioned that people have been comparing his game to that of Kapil Dev’s because he has the skill. It is only now that things have taken a turn for the worse but soon Pandya’s time will change and people will forget the negativity that seems to be following him right now.

    What began from a TV show and turned into a national controversy will only be a thing of the past and Pandya will make a good name for himself in the days to come. The lack of experience and knowledge of how television works landed him in trouble, and not playing by the rules, “Pandya could not beat the googly thrown by Karan Johar, and was clean bold.” Dr Sundeep Kochar, famous astrologer in india also said, “Experience is a name people give to their mistakes. After they’ve made mistakes, they learn. No such reason for suffering will further come across Hardik because the position of the stars is soon going to change and he has surely learnt from his experience.”