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What you should know



Guest Post Help

  1. Your word limit is virtually infinite, i.e., 1,00,000 words. You have maximum one lac of words limit for your article.
  2. Please fill-up all the required fields.
  3. It is better to choose a featured image.
  4. If you do not upload any featured image, then we will attach an image which seems to be most suitable to our moderators.
  5. We try to take a maximum of 24 hours to approve and publish your submission.
  6. We, while proofreading, will correct only spelling mistakes, but sentences, even if grammatically wrong, will not be changed.
  7. We, for better fitting and suitability, may reformat your article. For example, change the whole font family, increase or decrease normal font size, increase or decrease the gap between two consecutive paragraphs, center aligning the title etc.
  8. You will be notified by auto-generated emails after successful approval and publication of your post.
  9. If we find any mistake or mal-format in your post then we will send email to your provided email id urging for any change if you want to make. If you do not respond within 2 days we will publish your post with the mal-format or mistake, i.e. the original post.
  10. We no longer allow dofollow links.
  11. You can attach as many links as you want.
  12. We never charge any money, publication here is completely free
  13. Please try to post unique article though we will never verify its uniqueness.
  14. Any kind of posts are accepted and will be published, writer can post at complete freedom.   
  15. Your post will be assigned to an existing (registered) author, but you will get complete acknowledgement in the post. Also you can suggest us by contacting through emails, more ways using which we can give you more acknowledgement and believe us, if feasible we will acknowledge you in your way…!   



We recommend that you register and then write your story. Registering in this site unlocks more features such as, you can insert unlimited image, audio, video files inside post, you can keep track of all your publications in one place, you can update and republish previously published articles and posts at any time without hassle, you can upload your photo and can write a short description of yours, both of which will be shown in the ‘Author box’ below your post, you can interact with other fellow writers, make them friends, can start a discussion in a forum and many more.


For any more query feel free to contact us or write to us at [email protected]