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Pediatric Dentistry Near Me

    Pediatric Dentist

    Pediatric Dentistry Near Me


    Pediatric dentistry is also known as kids dentistry, is a dental treatment where the kid’s dentists, also known as pedodontists, treat a child in extreme care. You can see the best pediatric dentist in Chennai or near you to obtain the best pediatric dentistry treatment.

    So let’s move on deep into the article to know more about pediatric dentistry.


    What is Pediatric Dentistry?

    Pediatric dentistry is a branch in dentistry that deals with children’s issues. The pediatric dentist takes care of the child from the age of 8 to 12 and even continues in their teenagers. They guide children with their oral health and help prevent oral health issues like problems in gums, teeth, and others.


    How to find the best pediatric dentist near me?

    To find the best pediatric dentist visit the best pediatric dentistry in Chennai or near you. Here you can also get quality treatment at a pretty affordable cost. So try to visit the best pediatric dentistry or best dental clinic near you for effective treatment.


    List out the different types of treatment handled by the pediatric dentist?

    Some common types of treatment handled by pediatric dentists are:

    • Conducting oral health exams for infants and adults to evaluate their dental performance.
    • Preventive dental care measures and creating awareness on proper dental care.
    • Rendering care for dental injuries and trauma and providing them with proper treatment.
    • Focusing not only on the teeth but also on the different parts of the mouth like gums.
    • Focusing on the teeth alignment and correcting bite issues and correcting them.
    • Diagonigisng patients with oral conditions with diseases such as Hay fever, Diabetes, Congenital heart defect, hyperactivity disorder, and other such disorders.

    So these are some different types of treatment handled by the pediatric dentist.


    Pediatric dentistry - pedodontist


    What is the difference between the general dentist and the pediatric dentist?

    • The pediatric dentist and general dentist can handle kids’ dental problems. Still, the pediatric dentist is specialized in handling the kids only, whereas the general dentist has a wide range of knowledge in different branches of dentistry.
    • The pediatric dentist has profound knowledge in the field, whereas the general dentist has very little knowledge.
    • After four years of dental school, the general dentist does not have any specific dental training. Still, for the pediatric dentist, it is essential to get 2 yrs of additional training to have an in-depth knowledge of the field.
    • Compared to the general dentist, the pediatric dentist is more familiar with the children’s behavior and response at the dental clinic. They are well trained to manipulate children to carry on the treatment.
    • Most pediatric dentists provide you with more treatments than the general dentist.

    So these were some common differences between the general and the pediatric dentist.


    What are the pros of selecting a pediatric dentist for your child?



    Pediatric dentists are specialized in the field of kids’ dentistry. They have in-depth knowledge of the area, and they’ll also help your child overcome the fear related to dentistry and are also positive even towards the child’s notorious behavior.



    Always consult a dentist with a good experience for your kids as they’ll be good enough to take care of your child’s teeth and help them overcome dental issues. Hiring a dentist with less experience may be probably risky for your dentist, and hence it is good to hire an experienced dentist.



    Pediatric dentists treat children’s dental issues and create awareness on oral hygiene and dental problems. Thus apart from treating the dental problems, the dentists also generate awareness of the dental issues.



    Compared to general dentists, pediatric dentists are more reliable, which is why many people take their children to the pediatric dentist than the general dentist.


    So these were some advantages of the pediatric dentists over the general dentists.




    Frequently Asked Questions about the Pediatric Dentists Near Me:


    Why is it important to take your child to the pediatric dentist?

    As soon as your child’s baby teeth grow, it is essential to take them to the pediatric dentist as they will take appropriate care of your child’s teeth and tell them some preventive measures to ensure the safety of your child’s teeth and dental health.


    Does the pediatric dentist help your child with straightening their teeth?

    The pediatric dentist may help your child with fillings and may deal with cavities as well. But if you want or if you are looking for orthodontic treatment for your child, you better take your child to orthodontists than a pediatric dentist.


    What are the treatments in which pediatric dentists are specialized?

    Pedodontists or pediatric dentists specialize in various treatments like preventive care, correcting bites and straightening teeth, repairing tooth cavities, dental cavities, managing gums and diseases related to it, and counseling habits like thumb sucking, etc.


    How are pedodontists different from general dentists?

    The difference between pedodontists and general dentists is that pedodontists treat only children; whereas general dentists treat both children and adults. Pedodontists have specialized training in treating children; on the other hand, general dentists do not require such training. They treat more common issues in children like cavities, tooth decay, etc.


    I hope you find the article helpful. If you have any queries, comment below here in the comment section. See you soon with the following article.


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