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Guide to Use the Functionalities in Post-Submission-Page (for Logged in Users)



To write as a regular user (after login) you have to follow this link.

Writing as a regular user unlocks a lot of new useful features. Let us check each one of them.



Fig 1: Functionalities an user can avail


  1.  This is the title of your post.
  2. Post status; there are three different types of status: Pending Preview, Draft, Private.

    Pending Preview: This status means your post is ready to be published. No more editing is required from your end. Posts, with this status only, are published. 

    DraftThis indicates that you are still editing the post. This post will not be published.

    Private: This is your private post; means that only you (and admin) can see it (if and only if both are logged in). Even someone except these two knows the URL or the link, even then they will not see it. 

  3.  This is the main writing area. You will write your main content here.
  4. You can select your category here. Press ‘CTRL’ or ‘Control’ key and you can select more than one category.
  5. Write your tags. You can enter 50 tags atmost. Any reader can search by tags and all posts containing the same tag will come up in the search.
  6. You can upload and/or select your media files (images, audio, video or any).
  7. Write your excerpt for the post.


Parts of a post: 


Fig 2: Preview of a post


The above image shows how a post looks like. Clicking on it will open the post with full content. Now compare it with seven functionalities described above and you will get a better idea.

The excerpt is shown only in the preview, but the main content is shown when user clicks on the preview to read the full content. So, the  excerpt and the featured image is the main attraction for which a reader will be willing to go for a full reading. That means the author should be more tactical and careful to choose these two features. 


Q1: How to insert media files in the post?

 step 1: In section 6 of Fig1, click on ‘Select Featured Image’ link.

step2: The window, like below figure, will open:



Fig 3: Add media


To add a new file drag and drop your file in the dotted area. Or you can click on the ‘Select Files’ button to browse for your file and click the file you want to upload. You can select more than one files. All the files will be uploaded to folder dedicated to the specific logged in user. No one else can upload their files in your own folder or even see your files that are in your own folder. If you see any notification about upload error while uploading, then simply try again. After you upload your files, you will see something like following:


Fig 4: Uploading media


In Fig4, the file which is the first one from the top of the file upload queue, has been uploaded successfully. So you can see a ‘Show’ button.

The second one from the top of the file queue, is being uploaded.

The remaining files are waiting to be uploaded, they will be uploaded automatically.

Now click on ‘Show’ button.

After clicking the ‘Show’ button it will look like the following:


Fig 5: On ‘Show’ button click


Insert Image:

Follow the above steps (step1 and step2)

Leave everything as is or can set the caption, title, alternative text etc for the image.
Choose alignment.
Choose the size you want to show.
Now you have two options: You can insert the image into post OR can set the image as a featured image. Click on the appropriate link.

If the window then does not vanishes automatically, then click anywhere outside. 

You can not see the featured image after selecting a featured image, Save the post (how to save a post while editing is described below) to see the featured image.


Insert audio:

Follow the above steps (step1 and step2)

Leave everything as is or can set the caption, title, alternative text etc for the file.

Now click on the ‘File URL’ button. Observe that the field labelled as ‘Link URL’ has been changed.

Copy the Link URL.

Click outside anywhere to dismiss the upload window.

Click on the post (Section 3 of Fig1) where you want to insert the audio player.

Now write exactly the following as written inside [ ] including [ ]:

 [[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”paste your copied Link URL here”]]

Thats it. 

You can not see the audio player while editing. Save the post and view (how to save and/or view is described below) it to see the audio player in action.


Insert video:


We temporarily do not let authors to insert video files in post but you can upload your file.

To embed any video from or or similar video hosting sites just get their embed code. Click on ‘Insert’ in Section 3 of Fig1. Then click on ‘Media’->’Embed’->Paste your embed code->OK. 



NB: If you have already uploaded your file and want to insert them into the post, then just click on the ‘Media Library’ link on the top section of the functionality shown in the Fig 3.



Q2: How to save and/or send for publishing after writing?

In that page where you are righting your post, you will find four buttons as shown below :



It is quite obvious for each button about their functionalities. You can try each button. Purpose of each of them are easy to understand by the button text. You can save a post as many times you want.  





We will add more help topic in this page soon…