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10 old age homes in India for abandoned senior citizens


    10 old age homes in India for abandoned senior citizens


    Close to 18 million elderly in India are homeless. Senior citizens living in poverty face abandonment by their own families as they cannot earn an income. Many a times, they are left with no choice but to beg to survive. Many elderly are left alone after their children move to the cities in search of better livelihood. In the last few days of their lives, who will they look up to? Support an old age home to make sure that in their old age, these senior citizens are taken care of.

    1. Shraddhanand Mahilashram

    Shraddhanand Mahilashram provides shelter to women above 60 years of age. While the old age home offers free stay for abandoned and poor women, it also provides paid services for women who can afford these. They aim is to provide peace to these women in their last days. Apart from basic facilities including food and a separate bed, organization also has an active medical staff to take care of the elderly. Donate to help abandoned senior citizens find their second home in Mahilashram and spend their last days in peace.

    2. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

    Priyadarshini Seva Mandali runs a home called NEST. Started in 2012, it is a home for the destitute, homeless senior citizens who have been abandoned by their families. The home currently accommodates 20 -25 residents. The minimum age of senior citizens living in the center is 60. They are provided with free accommodation, medical care, and food. While most of them are too old to take on regular work, some of them keep themselves busy by making cotton wicks and paper covers. Sponsor living and medical expenses of a destitute and senior citizen. 

    3. Akshaya Trust 

    Old age home : Akshaya Trust
    Akshaya Team members rescuing a senior citizen. Source : Akshaya Trust FB

    Akshaya Trust started an old age home to protect the destitute senior citizens in Mudichur, Chennai. They look after senior citizens who are neglected by their own families. Currently, they are supporting 55 senior citizens. They are provided with good shelter, clothing, food and medical facility, with love and affection. Donate to give shelter to destitute senior citizens.

    4. Jesus the Way Trust

    Jesus the Way Trust runs an old age home for senior citizens in Chennai. The home is called “Charu’s home for elders”, which aims to provide solace to the poor and destitute elderly. Your donation will help them provide the senior citizens with basic facilities. They also require funds to build a bigger old age home to accommodate increasing number of  admissions of the elderly. You can also help them in kind including materials like cots, mattresses, utensils, fans, chairs, tables, food items, wheelchairs, etc. 

    5. Ammucare Charitable Trust

    Old age home : Ammucare Charitable Trust
    Source : Ammucare Charitable Trust FB

    Pilgrimage to Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai is considered auspicious. Many a times, under the guise, many conveniently abandon their ailing parents to suffer on footpaths, with no money even to buy a meal. Ammucare supports an initiative by a  noble individual, who is taking care of 70 such senior citizens. They live in a make-shift shelter. Donate to help them with essentials for daily sustenance, and constant medical support. 

    6. Ashraya Welfare Organization

    Ashraya Welfare Organization runs a shelter home for the old and destitute in the  Avilala village, Tirupati Rural Mandal. They provide free food, shelter, medical services and recreational facilities to the aged and the poor found on streets of Tirupati and surrounding areas. Currently, there are 40 residents and some of them have been recommended by the police, while others were dropped off by their children. Donate to this old age home and be a pillar of  support to a poor grandparent.

    7. Abhinav Samaj

    Old age home : Abhinav Samaj
    Source : Abhinav Samaj

    Abhinav Samaj runs Jai Ma Durga old age home in Delhi, providing free shelter, food and medical care to elderly/destitute parents. Last year they admitted 94 senior citizens in their free old age home, mostly shun away by their children. They believe that senior citizens are the pillar of society and a society can never develop if it does not respect its parents and elderly. If an elderly dies here, Abhinav Samaj also performs their last customs according to the person’s religion. Donate to help Abhinav Samaj to be the pillar of strength for these destitute elderly.

    8. Wishes and Blessings Old Age Home

    Source:  Wishes and Blessings FB

    Over their 3 years of operations, Wishes and Blessings realised that the section of the society which needs the most help are the old and the abandoned elderly. There is a need for a place where these senior citizens receive love, respect and dignity in the last stages of their lives. Hence, they plan to set-up a chain of free old age homes. Their goal is to provide a healthy and friendly environment to abandoned senior citizens. The facility will be inclusive of nutritious meals, recreation and medical facilities for the elderly. Donate to help them support senior citizens in the last days of their lives.

    9. HelpAge India

    Old age home : HelpAge India
    Source: HelpAge India

    HelpAge India has established model homes for the senior citizens and aged in places –  Patiala and Gurdaspur in Punjab, Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu and Kolkata in West Bengal. It is currently supporting 26 old age homes and runs 5 barrier homes for the aged in India. Donate to HelpAgeIndia to support those senior citizens who have no place to go and no one to look up to.

    10. Omashram Trust

    Source: Omashram Trust

    Omashram Trust-Old Age Care is a home away from home for the poor elderly. Its goal is to provide a homely and respectable living to senior citizens. It also tries their best to take care of these elders’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, to provide them with comfortable living. It makes sure to serve nutritious food to take good care of their health. Donate to provide comfortable living to the poor senior citizen in this old age home.

    Help the poor senior citizens who are in desperate need of support. Donate to above old age homes to save the poor elderly from hunger and homelessness.