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Basic Tips on Choosing Boys Backpacks for School



    Basic Tips on Choosing Boys Backpacks for School


    A backpack is your child’s closest companion throughout his school life. It stays with from morning till he comes back home, holds his books, supplies, lunch and everything a normal kid has. A backpack is the first thing your child truly perceives as his own personal property and space. This backpack of his is closely related to his identity and should also be something that does not affect his health in any way.

    Here are some basic tips on choosing backpacks for school for boys.

    1. Every year before the school starts, you look for wholesale school supplies to save some cash, but you have to ask yourself if it really is the best choice when it comes to buying wholesale backpacks. Backpacks are the representation of your child’s personality and his creativity. Let him choose the backpack he likes.
    2. Check the quality of the backpack. Pick a backpack that is made of lightweight and durable material and has multiple compartments to distribute the weight. Remember, bigger is not better, as bigger bags mean more weight on your child’s back.
    3. Boys more often than not like bags associated with their favourite toys or bags that generally stand out. Shopping for bags for boys is fundamentally different from choosing school bags for girls. They do not like colours associated with girls and will always go for darker colours or shades of blue. It is up to you to make him go for bags which are much more vibrant in design and colour.
    4. Your child is likely to run around while wearing the bag and it is advisable to buy bags with wide shoulder straps that are padded and load weight on the shoulders and not the back. The back should also be padded and a waist strap is also desirable. Buy quality backpacks with strong shoulder straps that won’t break easily.
    5. Your growing child needs lots of energy, and it is your responsibility to ensure that his backpack has sufficient space for his lunch box and if you deem it fit even two lunch boxes.
    6. Check the zippers properly before buying a backpack. Most backpacks are rendered useless after the zippers fail and you have to inevitably buy a new one. Do a proper check-up of the zippers and look for bags with sturdy zippers that can take a bit of rough handling. Double-headed zippers provide easier access and should be preferred.
    7. Avoid buying single shoulder or single strap messenger style backpacks. They lead to uneven weight distribution on your child’s back and will result in bad posture and develop back issues over time. If your child has to regularly bear a lot of weight consider buying a backpack with wheels that can be easily pulled around and won’t stress your child’s back

    All in all a backpack is companion that your child decides upon but it is up to you to make sure that he makes an informed decision.