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Best Android Games of 2020

    android games 2020


    Best Android Games of 2020



    android games 2020


    No matter how old you get, mobile games are something all individuals enjoy. From adults to kids, games speak a language that connects people on a global scale.

    Both Android and iOS platforms have tons of gaming applications from action to RPG, and puzzles, Arcades, and more. Plus, with the massive user engagement that comes from these games, it is also one of the most beneficial areas for businesses to invest and seek iOS or android apps for developers of renowned companies.

    The graphics, the UI/UX of the design, and other features must be top-notch and faultless to increase the number of downloads and user engagement on the app.

    Additionally, if you want something to pass the time, here are some of the best Android games of 2019:

    1.      Pokemon GO

    Pokemon GO was one of the top games launched in 2016. Now, even though its popularity has somewhat dwindled, it is still one of the best games on Google Play. It is one of the remarkable examples of how AR/VR improves user experience. While roaming the real world, players catch pokemon, take part in gym battles, and more.

    2.      PUBG

    Much like Fortnite, PUBG is a game that connects players from around the world on the battleground. It is a shooter game that is still relatively new but has already risen among the rankings as one of the popular games on Google Play.

    Players grab weapons, gear, and vehicles, with an island as their battleground. The winner is the last man standing!

    3.      Call of Duty: Mobile

    Another strategy game like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the top rating games on Android Google Play. It is a 100-player battle royal with in-app purchases to get gear, weapons, and any other item you need to win the game.

    4.      Asphalt 9: Legends

    Moving on from strategy games, here is a racing one for you. Asphalt games are renowned for being among the best in the racing category, and Asphalt 9: Legends is its latest release.

    Multiplayer options, tons of beautiful cars, challenges, and more are part of the game that makes it an exciting way to pass the time.

    Final Thoughts!

    These are some of the games that have seen the most user engagement and downloads in 2020. The story, the characters, the graphics, and all of it comes together phenomenally to give you a game that you are sure to enjoy.

    Don’t let 2020 pass without trying out these games at least once!





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