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Depressed and Anxious? Say Hello to Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics


    Depressed and Anxious? Say Hello to Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics


    Diagnosis of depression and anxiety have drastically increased over the years. In the latest data of the World Health Organization, over 1.3 million Australians have experienced and suffered from these disorders. The numbers span across all age groups, but most dominantly in young people. Many patients spend tons of dollars to deal and ease the symptoms of these illnesses, however, there is an incredible alternative, traditional Chinese medicine clinics.

    What is TCM? 


    TCM or traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine dating back at least 2,200 years. It is a standardized version of the type of Chinese medicine practiced before the Chinese Revolution. 


    Do not confuse traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine is more than acupuncture, TCM modalities also include Qigong and herbs; more importantly, TCM addresses the underlying imbalances that induced these disorders. 


    TCM clinics offer certain therapies that may be helpful as independent treatments. TCM  extends a different approach to stress and anxiety, unlike Western medicine. A number of Australians are interested in TCM for treating the most common disorders, alleviating their daily mood into a relaxed and positive one. 

    How does it work? 


    In TCM theory, mood disorders are results of disharmony or imbalance. From this perspective, mental illness is cured by recognizing the patterns of incongruence and restoring the balance of the body and mind. 


    TCM practitioners cite the vital relationship between physical health issues to a person’s state of mind. These methods deliver a natural and effective solution by simply arousing the central nervous system and increasing the body’s natural painkillers – endorphins and enkephalins. 


    One TCM theory suggests that anxiety is a result of excessive energy in the head. Symptoms of anxiety include insomnia, irritability, and poor concentration, can be lessened through acupuncture by inserting needles into various key points on the body, such as the fingers, hands, and ankles to equally distribute the patient’s energy to reduce worry and sleep better. 


    For depression, TCM traces a stagnation of energy within the body, resulting in anger, melancholy and even fatigue. Acupuncture addresses these problems by allowing energy to move freely  and more efficiently creating mind-body stability.

    Does it really work? 

    Many testimonies from different individuals prove that TCM really works. This is even a growing alternative in treating anxiety and depression. 


    Through this TCM journey, you interact with your body’s Qi or life energy which manages your holistic disposition. In exploring this method, you can enhance your mood and remove certain blockages in your body’s Qi. 


    With the high depression rates in Australia, TCM clinics have become an industry of its own. You can even book your acupuncture in Balwyn and enjoy the relief as your stress fades away. 

    Where to find the perfect practitioner for you? 


    It’s very important to look for a certified acupuncture practitioner to ensure safety and the best experience.  When you’re searching for a practitioner, check their training and credentials and trust people’s recommendations. 


    If you’re looking to book your next TCM and acupuncture experience and you’re searching for a perfect practitioner, contact Always Healthy and Happy to avail of the best deals and packages.