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Everyday Medical Facts You Did Not Know





    Talcom Powder Causes Cancer?


    Last month a St. Louis jury awarded the son of a deceased woman, and the woman’s estate, a total of $72 million in a lawsuit accusing Johnson and Johnson of fraud, negligence, and conspiracy. The jury held Johnson and Johnson liable for the death of the woman who had repeatedly used Johnson’s Baby Powder, and that talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer. This verdict has brought a flood of attention to the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, creating an awareness in the general public that has not previously existed, despite the fact that warnings about talcum powder and ovarian cancer go back to the 1970’s. During the trial, Johnson and Johnson stood by the safety of their product and mounted a vigorous defense against the charges set forth in the lawsuit. Johnson’s Baby Powder is one of the flagship products of the pharmaceutical and healthcare corporate giant. Following the talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit verdict, Johnson & Johnson ramped up a massive public relations campaign aimed at refuting any possibility that the company’s products could have caused ovarian cancer. Despite Johnson & Johnson’s denial of any link between an increase in risk of developing ovarian cancer and adult baby powder use for feminine hygiene, a new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology confirms the jury findings that the use of talcum powder on the genital area or on sanitary napkins, diaphragms or condoms may cause particles to travel through the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes into the ovaries causing cancer. In the most recent study conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston researchers questioned the use of talcum powder in over 4000 women, half of the women had cancer and half did not. They found that the use of talcum powder increased the risk of ovarian cancer by one-third. Dr. Nicolas Wentzensen, of the National Cancer Institute, was not convinced by the result of the study. He is quoted as saying “this new study was not of the most rigorous possible design.” Director of science at the Breast Cancer Fund, Sharima Rasanayagam, recently stated for an article on that science has known of the link between talc and a 30 percent increase in the risks of ovarian and endometrial cancers “for quite a while”. Citing studies he goes on to say, “even though the risk does not rank up there with the likes of cigarette smoking, it is a risk that is completely unnecessary to take.” The Center for Disease Control has reported that approximately 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, 3 percent of all cancers in women. Ovarian Cancer is the fifth leading cause of death in women claiming the lives of roughly 14,500 women every year in the United States. Talcum powder is used in baby powder and adult body powders as an antiperspirant for its moisture absorbing properties. It has been found that some talcum powders contain asbestos a substance linked to lung cancer according to the American Cancer Society. 


    Skin Care, Skin Problem, Face

    5 major skin problems in Summers and its prevention.

    As the summers hits us, the people covered from head to toe can be spotted everywhere in the city. No one wishes to come out from their air-conditioned rooms or offices and get slapped by the burning sun. Burdened with number of tasks to perform, forces us to get “roasted” every day. Here’s the list of 5 major skin problems we suffer and its prevention. Sunburn: the sun in the summer is so harsh that it can even scorch your skin causing patches and red marks which has burning sensation. And the girls who have highly sensitive skin are most affected by the sunburn.The most common cure to get protected from the sunburn is to minimize sun exposure. Apply Sunblock cream Aloe Vera get is the most soothing and non- toxic solution for skin care. If you get a sunburn, coat it on the affected area. Don’t rub it, it’ll work on its own and to make it most effective just keep it in the shade.

    Whenever we make our check list in summer, skin care tops the list. But we often overlooks the importance of most needed factor in the summers, “hydration”.  We continuously lose hydration from the skin when we perspire. Which leave our skin dry which is more prone to sunburn. The best prevention of this issue is to get hydrated as much as possible and drink water and liquid as much as possible. Acne: The small holes in your skin (pores) connect to oil glands under the skin. These glands make an oily substance called sebum. The pores connect to the glands by a canal called a follicle. Inside the follicles, oil carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. When the follicle of a skin gland clogs up, a pimple grows. Most pimples are found on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne is not a serious health threat, but it can cause scars. Only a regular care can prevent acne and pimples to camp on your skin especially on the face. Wash your face thrice in a day and that too with a good face wash. A good facial cleanser to clean the fine pores of your face. If the regular treatment fails at any point, feel free to call your dermatologist. Professional portal like can help you find one. Just don’t ignore as the skin requires special attention. Heat Rashes: Heat-rashes occur when your sweat glands get blocked and sweat can’t escape. The cause of heat rash is often friction on the surface of the skin. Adults usually develop heat rash in the parts of their bodies that rub together, such as between the inner thighs or under the arms. Babies often develop heat rash on their necks, but it can also develop in skin folds such as the armpits, elbows, and thighs. Always wear breathable fabric in summers. Preferably cotton. Avoid nylon clothes. Maintain comfortable temperature through coolers or air-conditioners. Cool shower twice a day is recommended on a regular basis. People who are bedridden should be rotated and moved to avoid constant perspiration in a particular area. Tanning: Tanning is the most common problem during summers. As the summers sets on you are worried for the skin tan and other issue is chemical bleach which hurt your skin. Skin tan is not a good sign as it damages the skin. Rubbing Ice cube on the tanned areas has proved to be very effective in preventing skin tan. Using Freshly sliced cucumber is also the known home remedy for tanning. Rubbing sliced lemon on the tanned skin and wash after some time. Keeping thyself hydrated and drinking healthy liquids also helps in preventing tanning. Thoroughly mix one tablespoon sandalwood powder in coconut water and apply on tanned areas. Leave on for a few minutes then wash off. 



    The Best Diet in the World

    Harvard Medical School said it, and eleven cardiologists told former British PM David Cameron in an open letter. The colourful Mediterranean Diet (The Rainbow Diet) is the best diet available to prevent the chronic illnesses that beset the Western World. The Harvard Health Letter stated that “convincing evidence published in 2013 has shown that the Mediterranean diet is effective at warding off heart attack, premature death and stroke”. A further Harvard Medical Study showed that women wherever they lived in the world, who adhered most closely to the easy diet recipes had a 40% greater chace of living longer and were free of 11 chronic illnesses at the end of the 15 year study. And a team of eleven International cardiologists led by Dr. Richard Hoffman and Dr. Aseem Malhotra wrote an ‘open-letter’ to British Prime Minister, David Cameron, urging him to adopt the colourful Mediterranean Diet. They stated “The evidence base for the Mediterranean Diet in preventing all of the chronic illnesses that are plaguing the Western world is overwhelming”. Eat a Rainbow I started speaking about cancer – how to prevent it and how to correct it – in 2002 as a result of my daughter’s Glioma and our attempts to find alternatives that could keep her alive. Speeches have taken me all over the world; Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia, Germany, the UK and more. But then, I live in Thailand and France. Inevitably, when I came off stage people would ask “But what’s the best diet to fight cancer?” So, in 2004 I made up my mind to conduct my own ‘Meta-study’ looking at as much hard research data as I could find. In 2004, Western Health Authorities recommended a low fat, high carbohydrate diet, while the media was full of how healthy recipes the South East Asian diet was. I went through research study after research study, but then originally I was an Oxford University Biochemist. Both the Western Health Authorities and the mass media were wrong. In 2005/6 there was only limited research on the ‘colourful Mediterranean Diet’ and that was mainly from Harvard Medical School. Even they confused the North shore with the Southern. The diet of Tunis is a lot different to that of Toulon. But one thing kept recurring – The French Paradox. Perhaps it was my years in advertising where you look for a grain of truth and then test it again and again to see if it fact or fantasy. Here, in the French Paradox, was a grain of truth that Health Authorities kept sweeping under the carpet. You see, it didn’t fit at all with the mass health theories of the West. What is the French Paradox? The French eat more fat and drink more alcohol than any other nation, but they have less heart disease and less cancer. My house faces St. Tropez. I know the colourful Mediterranean Diet well. I learned to speak French just south of Tarbes, the birthplace of D’Artagnan, in Gascony. On one trip there, everyone was discussing the newspaper headline. The French had conducted their own study into the Paradox. And guess what? The epicenter was exactly where we were, just south of Toulouse. The home of foie gras and cassoulet. A place where people enjoy their sausages and cheese, all washed down by Madiran, the local red wine, and a glass of Armagnac, from Gers. Here they eat even more fat and drink even more alcohol than the rest of France. And they have even less cancer and even less heart disease!


    Bariatric Surgery: Blessing For Women’s Health in Obesity

    Obesity is one of the biggest health issues worldwide today. It is estimated that over fifty percent of all women are now considered overweight and one-third are considered obese. The prevalence of obesity and especially of morbid obesity is increasing worldwide and it is today becoming a significant health hazard. Indeed obesity rates have now reached epidemic proportions in the western hemisphere, with over 25 percent of the population being obese in US and 15 percent in Europe. Prevalence of obesity in India is up to 50% in women and 32.2% in men in the upper strata of the society. In northern India prevalence of obesity stands at 33.4% in urban women and 50% urban women above 35 have unhealthy body shapes. The evidence for the adverse effects of the obesity on women’s health is overwhelming and indisputable Obesity leads to multiple diseases which together are called as METABOLIC SYNDROME OF OBESITY and it is strongly related to POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME (PCOS). Obese women are particularly susceptible to diabetes, which in turn, puts women at dramatically increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Obesity substantially increases the risk of several major cancers in women, especially postmenopausal breast cancer and endometrial cancer. Obesity is associated with elevated mortality from all causes and risk of death rises with increasing weight. Obesity may be described as NEW WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC. In India the state of Punjab has the highest percentage of obese population. In Punjab 30.3 % males and 37.5 % females are obese. Obesity arises as a result of a long-term positive energy balance arising from greater energy storage than expenditure. Women are generally more prone to obesity than men; this may be a result of a lower basal metabolic rate in women. The prevalence of obesity in girls is constantly increasing, meaning that the reproductive effects of obesity are likely to become more evident in the future when these children reach reproductive age. Obesity can have adverse impact on Psychosocial and Reproductive Health of young women. Obesity also imposes a number of serious risks during pregnancy. In older women, obesity is related to no. of serious ailments, such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and almost all types of cancer. Obesity is also an independent risk factor for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. There are few risks and medical conditions that are commonly related directly to obesity in women are: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis, Breast Cancer, Infertility, PCOS and Gall Bladder Disease. The hormonal effects of obesity in female health are very complex which can lead to increased risk of miscarriage and other maternal and fetal complications. Obesity is associated with early puberty, faulty menstrual patterns, decreased contraceptive efficacy, ovulatory disorders, increased miscarriage rate and poor response to fertility treatments. Obesity can increase urinary problems and risks of symptomatic uterine fibroids. The most important single thing to improve reproductive performance and overall health in obese women is weight loss and that can be achieved to some extent with lifestyle Modifications, medications and diet, but substantial long-term successes of lifestyle modifications and drug therapies are disappointing in such patients. Bariatric surgery or obesity surgery can be a blessing in such patients. Recent data suggests that bariatric surgery have striking metabolic effects on glucose control soon after the procedure, even before significant weight loss is achieved. Other diseases like sleep apnea, venous diseases, fatty liver disease, depression, migraines, dyslipidemias and joint diseases have higher incidence in obese women population. Persons with morbid obesity have 50% – 100% higher mortality rates as compared to normal weight persons.

    Indications of Bariatric Surgery: As per MOS – INDIA [metabolic and obesity summit], guidelines for bariatric surgery:

    • BMI [Body mass index] 37.5 kg/m2 without serious related diseases.

    • BMI[ Body mass index] 32.5 kg/m2 with serious related diseases. Persons with failed weight loss measures like dieting, medications, exercise and behavior and lifestyle modification programs. Benefits of Bariatric Surgery: Bariatric surgery has profound effect on the health of obese person due to less food intake and loss off extra fat. Many obesity related health conditions are improved or resolved, including: • Type 2 diabetes mellitus. [82% – 98% resolution]. • High blood pressure/heart disease [ 70% resolution]. • Joint pains/arthritis [40%- 50% resolution].

    • Gerd/ heart burn [75% resolution]. • Infertility / menstrual dysfunction [40% -50% improvement].

    • Stress urinary incontinence [45% improvement].

    • Sleep apnea [74% – 98% resolved].

    • Migraines/ depression [40%- 50% resolved].

    • Fatty liver disease [90% improved].

    • Venous disease [95% resolved].

    • Gout [70% resolved]

    • Dyslipidemias [70% resolved].

    Overall quality of life improves in 95% patients and mortality reduced in 89% patients after bariatric surgery. After bariatric surgery, people have improved physical appearance and functioning, have improved self’ confidence and respect and improved psychosocial, sexual and reproductive health. Types of Bariatric Procedures: There are various procedures done for weight reduction. All procedures are done by laparoscopic or key hole surgery.

    The important one’s are:

    1. Adjustable Gastric Banding:

    Here one silicone band is placed over the stomach to reduce its capacity. It is a purely restrictive procedure, needs adjustments and routine follow-ups. Procedure can be reversed, but it’s not easy. This band can slip and can erode into stomach. Being done in very few people now.

    2. Sleeve Gastrectomy:

    Here about 2/3rd stomach is removed and remaining stomach acts a narrow tube or sleeve. This procedure again leads to less food intake and also less appetite. Overall results are excellent. This procedure is being done primarily or as a bridging procedure. Complications are few and are just like in any normal laparoscopic surgery. Here patients don’t need supplementations for a long period of time.

    3. Gastric Bypass:

    Here a small pouch of stomach is created and is directly attached to portion of small intestine. This procedure have both restrictive and malabsorptive effects. Have long-term beneficial effects.  Complications are almost same but need lifelong dietary supplements.

    In India presently maximum no. of bariatric cases are done with sleeve gastrectomy with excellent results. It takes 4-5 days in hospital and surgery time lasts from 1.5 — 2.5 hours and have 33%- 83% effect on weight loss, along with resolution of co-morbidities and wonderful effects on the general and reproductive health of women. Bariatric surgery improves or eliminates obesity related problems and provides better and higher quality of life. This surgery can have small risk as in any other normal laparoscopic surgery.

    When people are deciding for bariatric surgery, they should have following few things in mind.

    • Bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic surgery.

    • Bariatric surgery does not involve removal of fatty tissue by suction or surgical removal.

    • Bariatric surgery will not eliminate the emotional desire to eat and there are not many restrictions to eating.

    • As with any other surgical procedure, bariatric surgery may present some risks.

    • Commitment with determination to long-term lifestyle changes, including healthy and appropriate eating and exercise is the key to success.

    • Some cosmetic corrections may be required after 6 months to one year, after bariatric surgery, in some patients to get better contouring of the body.

    If people want to have excellent results and want to achieve their goals after bariatric surgery, there are some SUCCESS FACTORS which are too adopted in life. These success factors are as: Patients should have supportive and encouraging environment around her/him, follow the recommendations given by health care team, eat and drink in a new way, i.e., smaller portions and appropriate healthy food choices, adopt exercise schedule in their daily routine, pay attention to their bodies and give respect to it and attend regular follow- ups as advised. SPS Hospitals which is already providing excellent facilities and doing state of art work in the fields of urology and laparoscopic surgery. SPS Hospitals has fully equipped and functional BARIATRIC SURGERY department. Our department is well equipped with high-end gadgets and instruments, advanced anesthesia machines, surgical ICU and most important dedicated bariatric surgical team, including full-time surgeon, anesthetist and intensivists experienced staff, medical specialists and full-time dietician. Bariatric surgery can help to achieve your goals, but dedication, determination and discipline also carries equally important role. 




    Women, Let’s Consider These 4 Health Related Things Before Choosing Our Underwear



    Choosing a perfect pair of briefs is excruciatingly painful for us women. The availability of multitudinous options has left us more baffled than ever. And the worst part is, even after ample of choices available, getting an underwear which is fashioned from a comfortable fabric in designs that we love is next to impossible and if we get that, it may not be the right type of underwear, and let’s say we get exactly what we want, then we may have to put that aside because of its price. Pheww! We accept that and we shop for it. However, do we consider every factor that we should apart from the looks and the designs? A very few of us think about comfort and hygiene when we see that lacy things, or thongs, or anything that seems attractive to other people. The underwear styles popular among women have a set of health risks that needs attention. Let’s see what are those 4 things that need consideration about your underpants!

    1. Thongs are a wrong pick for any day Dr. Iris Orbuch wrote some enlightening things about choosing your underpants with reasons in Cosmopolitan. She strongly advocated for women’s cotton boxer briefs to be the main pick and avoid thongs. She explained how thongs tend to spread bacteria causing urinary infections in uterus and bladder.“Common bacterias in feces, E. coli being one of them, can be passed to the vagina via a thong. If that ascends into the uterus you could develop a pelvic inflammatory disease, or into the bladder and you could get a bladder infection.”, wrote Dr. Iris. Preferring to wear thongs while working out is common among women as our workout outfits seem to highlight the shape of our underwear. Thongs being extremely tight fitted underwear type and do not stay still when you move. All the moving while you go back and forth causes friction and heat. Vaginal infections and bacterial infections become common when you prefer thongs for your workout session despite of it fashioned from a high-end fabric. Try wearing cotton underpants that are made using moisture wicking technology when you workout without compromising your health when that place is for exactly the opposite.

    2. Cotton underwear is the best pick There is no other fabric that could replace cotton when it comes to health, Cotton has an amazing moisture wicking capacity which is a much needed property for underpants. If you are a person prone to yeast infections and vaginal infections, a cotton panie can be your best bet. Cotton panties have natural fibers that helps you keep feel fresh and natural. There will be no pressure underneath when cotton will be your daily pick. It will be just as natural and comforting as your cotton tee.

    3. Try female boxer shorts Women’s cotton boxer briefs are the most comfortable to wear underneath pants, trousers, jeans, etc. They work well in providing comfort with the subtraction of the tight seam in their making. And, cotton being the safest cloth for undergarments, the female boxer shorts meets epitome of comfortability.

    4. Spandex is sadly not the everyday wear kind of thing There may hardly be anyone who doesn’t like the look that spandex gives. We all do, right? But, it is not we should prominently choose for everyday wear. May it be regular spandex panty or a shapewear, you must make its use very limited to avoid urinary tract infections and skin infections. Make it a point to not wear spandex underpants frequently and replace it either with women’s cotton brief boxers or cotton panties. It wasn’t anything that seems unachievable, right? We can always keep these things in mind, after all, it affects our health by a larger scale than we know. We love to have an attractive inner persona, but trust me, you don’t want a line of infections. Choose wisely, because health must be your first and foremost priority. 


    Greatest Answers to Your Tooth Issues


    Look brings a wonderful and vivid look to our confront. Individuals laugh showing unique feelings so on and like enthusiasm or delight. And wonderful enamel are consisted of by an excellent giggle. A solid and beautiful enamel increases our assurance and in addition aids you to create shining public appearances. But, to really have a mouth one that is healthy have to look after it also to take care of the splendor we should all go for frequent dental checkups. A white and gorgeous giggle delivers people the durability to speak attractively. But, challenge is faced by persons in regards to pearly white teeth. Because of our food routines yellow hues are got by our tooth. And this will be the most significant problem encountered by all the individuals. A teeth delivers lower the assurance amount of people plus they become while smiling at public gatherings humiliated. And this could be the time when tips is needed by individuals from the dentist to produce their enamel whitened again. Treatments like Edmonton teeth whitening gives the top idea to you to recuperate your teeth that are white. Common problem causing components Your food routine produces or determines colors that are yellow to the tooth. A shadow that is yellow is left by acids from food about the surface enamel of our teeth. Foodstuffs such as for example coffee, tobacco, vino, sports drinks, bad and hard candy, fruits, tomato sauce, oatmeal, pop, exorbitant use of antibiotics and usage of fluoride ingestion leaves yellow tone for the teeth. Sometimes it is genetic. Tooth likewise get afflicted with our age that was growing. Poor diet that is eating and dry mouth furthermore causes this matter. Teeth will be the most significant aspect within our experience and one must preserve good wellness of it to look great. A tooth look that is yellow makes a negative perception on people. Dentist might help you to keep a healthy dental. Dentists constantly advocate two-time brush per day and check that is typical up in the period of a few months so that people can support the appearance. By neglecting these practices, discolored enamel can be resulted. Terrible tooth also can make consequences that are detrimental on versions career as well as in their particular life. People wait to state themselves in excursions that are public. One should take care of their teeth before them affect. Strategies to protect your laugh After acquiring beverages or foods on everyday schedule comb your teeth. Hydrogen and employ soda peroxide along with your mouthwash for combing your enamel. Clean with it either and include several droplets of coconut oil in your toothpaste, you’re able to pour several declines over a clean wash-cloth and may caress your enamel with-it. Implement lemon gas and fruit peels which has cider vinegar on your tooth to get rid of orange firmness. Consume balanced foods such as for instance bananas which contains beneficial antioxidants in eradicating yellow firmness aiding your teeth. Employ while drinking soft drinks to prevent yellow hues in your enamel enamel infestations which have hay and charcoal. Uncover dentist in edmonton who assists in keeping your smile and enamel to light the-world using the sophisticated and gorgeous laugh. Enamel give our confront an appear but, with the addition of miserable thoughts for your character yellowish tone may deprive it. Keep your grin and avoid yellowish strengthen triggering components. Doctors propose beaming in most circumstance and every-day to enjoy a lifestyle that is wholesome. A great smile is really a result of oral cleanliness that is healthful. The mouth section in our jaws includes salivary glands, language , gums and enamel. Gumline type an essential part while in the structure that is dental that is people. The muscle that includes the areas of the jaw and enters the teeth’s throat are referred to as teeth. It’s disease free to steadfastly keep up a healthier construction that is common and vital to maintain our periodontal healthier. This is actually the most critical section of a dental health. It requires removing plaque avoiding so on, gingivitis, tartar conditions and hole. Edmonton family dentist tries to present attention and heal greatest to your dental health. No compromise along with your oral care Gingivitis is actually a popular illness happens in periodontal. . It typically occurs due to plaque. It’s noticed that the gums’ swelling improves and there’s profuse bleeding almost often as a result of minute stroke which shouldn’t be the scenario. Gingivitis is deemed a gentle kind of periodontal disease that can typically be amended having everyday brushing, flossing and consistent dental examinations. Bleeding and bloated gums are indications that are earlier that your gumline are infected with bacteria. Gum disorders are a in gum-line that may procedure to influence the bone that enters and helps your enamel. It’s commonly within adults-only and contamination in tissues. Gum disease could be unpleasant and the observable symptoms should be known by one. Periodontal hemorrhage while we wash and floss, soft gums and inflamed crimson, going gums, badbreath, lack of enamel, experiencing discomfort while chewing, and teeth become delicate to hot and frosty temperature, these are periodontal diseases’ basically the symptoms. Microorganisms causes periodontal conditions. Edmontond enhances inadequate health that is oral and aids in decreasing the danger of disorders. If plaque is not eliminated at moment that is suitable next it could supply start. One cannot take it off by flossing or scrubbing. It takes cure and particular qualified and tooth care. It’s essential to keep a common technique that is healthier. Goal is given by Edmonton dentist to its each patient. By managing pressure you can guard their health that is oral. Cigarette nibbling or consumption, diseases including diabetes crooked tooth, pregnancy and more uses of rubbers, usage of brewages and sweet and sweet meals may cause teeth diseases. By right discovering, sustaining a regular dental examinations one, and utilizing toothpaste and make-up can manage periodontal issues. When plaque or bacterias are not correctly removed by everyday discovering, gum disease triggers. One must imbibe in themselves the pattern of flossing after their standard dinners and cleaning. Frequent dental visits brings in result that is superior. By maintaining a great and healthful meals pattern one can keep away from teeth ailments and can protect their oral health. Food chemicals create bacterias and verbal issues come right into images by ignoring these. So consume balanced and not preserved, keep your health that is dental by brushing and do visit your dentist on schedule that is regular. 



    Rejuvenate Your Nails With a Nail Spa at Costa Mesa, CA


    Costa Mesa in Canada is known for being a land that has no pretense. Families and communities living here are a happy lot, showing signs of genuineness in and out. It’s also known for its public parks, beautiful churches, appetizing food and super-excellent shopping! And it’s famous for night life too. People living there believe in the concept of “live, and let live”. Now ladies and even gentlemen in Costa Mesa are also fond of visiting salons like any other person across the world. And there’s a new trend of nail spa that’s on the rise. You’d find a number of eminent salons that offer nail spa at Costa Mesa, CA.

    Here are a few tips on how to choose quality nail salons, Costa Mesa:

    • The ambience matters: Spas are meant to help you feel relaxed and calm. A nail salon is no different. Look for such nail salons, Costa Mesa, that have a clean, hygienic and soothing environment. An uncluttered salon would help to ward away fungal problems as well. Also because of the strong odor of the nail products used, you shouldn’t feel suffocated. There should be proper air circulation in the salon.

    • What are you exactly looking for?: Learn about the various services that a nail salon usually offers. Do you want gel nails or acrylic nails, a simple manicure, or a French pedicure? Narrow down your search for salons according to the service you’d like to avail.

    • The customer services: Are the staffs friendly? Is the atmosphere at the salon congenial? Is the salon too loud and always very busy? Hunt for customer reviews regarding the nail lounge too. That’s probably the best way to choose a salon that offers excellent nail spa at Costa Mesa. If you want to experience the best nail spa in Costa Mesa, you have to visit us. We offer specialized services with the help of a team of talented and friendly nail experts, who work day in and out to give you the most satisfying nail spa encounter! We ensure that each one of you walks out from our salon all happy, and wanting to come back again to avail our services. Our services:

    • For both guys and girls, we have different types of manicures and pedicures that’s sure to get your toes and hands all relaxed, making you feel rejuvenated as a whole! This mainly consists of soaking, trimming the nails and shaping them, maintaining the cuticle, moisturizing and massaging, paraffin wax, buff, or French.

    • Weird or surprising you decide, but we offer nail spa services for kids as well. After all, healthy nails are a must for everyone, right? Bring them to us for a quick manicure or pedicure.

    • We also specialize in painting your nails with beautiful nail art, or gel nails or acrylic nails. A variety of designs are available with us in our special folder, which you can choose from; however, our team is also equipped to paint your nails in your style, with a tint of creativity as per your choice. We offer our salon services at affordable rates, and also give away special discounts to our valuable and recurring customers. For knowing more about us, visit our website, or give us a call to book your appointment. We treat each one of you like our family. Come visit us, to feel the difference! 



    Enhance Your Vision


    Glasses have turned into an accessory. More than a medical need. Turning your look into something completely different by just one piece? It’s possible! Glasses have become cool nowadays, from geek to chic with a stunning ‘eye ‘catcher. Literally, nowadays glasses are a fun item to add to your look even when you don’t need them. To some people that may seem odd, because why should you wear something when you don’t have a medical need for it. It is indeed a fashion accessory; you can spice up your outfit with a cool frame. And anyway, people should just enjoy wearing what they want. People loves adding accessories to their looks to make it more appealing, apart from earrings, clutches , heels, glasses is one of the accessory which people are using nowadays. Get your personalized eye wear with Glasses direct promo codes at an amazing price. Let your looks speak Try all different kind of frames and you will see which is working best for you. Take a good look at the shape of your face, the color of your skin and go from there. And be critical, glasses can be so strong in your appearance. Choose something you feel comfortable with. so there are tons of reasons to wear eyeglasses: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism…but what about style, fashion, and accessorizing? This fashion week, we’ve spotted tons of celebs and models rocking glasses to change their outfits — instead of their eyesight. Check out the way their frames have transformed the our vision of their ensembles, after the jump!. You surely enjoy what you wear when you choose from a wide range of glasses with Glasses voucher and promo codes. Get yourself the new fashion accessory From the mid-20th century eyewear became increasingly important as a fashion accessory, a trend which was actively pursued. Spectacles today are less an indication of poor eyesight, more an accessory to personal style. Geek chic on the catwalks. Hipsters donning retro glasses. It’s all contributed to making eyewear a notable fashion accessory; people have been more focused on looks. Since people have been focusing more on looks this reason why glasses have turned into an accessory. If you’re sorted for glasses already, why not set yourself up for the summer and take a peek on their prescription sunglasses. Change your looks with the ongoing trend of glasses from retro to chic. Getting the perfect frames is not always an easy task and that’s why it is great to have an abundance of choice. At Glasses Direct you have exactly that, so find your favourite style when you shop online today. Every time you activate our Glasses Direct voucher codes and Glasses Direct promo codes you will be helping us raise money for charity in the process of saving yourself cash. E-commerce has made our shopping experience a delight, we can choose from a wide range of products at the best deal. E-commerce is the most convenient way for consumers because they can visit various online storefronts to compare prices and make purchases without having to leave their homes or offices. Hurry up and grab a pair of cool trendy glasses to enhance your look.









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