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How CCTV Drain Survey Can Help Maintain Your Commercial Building Better




    How CCTV Drain Survey Can Help Maintain Your Commercial Building Better


    Staying on top of your maintenance is crucial to manage commercial buildings. If you are facing any issues with your building’s drainage system or if you would like to avoid any such issues in future, conducting a drain or sewer survey is a reliable and quick way to explore the condition of your building’s drain. If left unattended for quite some time, drainage problems can demand hundreds of pounds to fix besides causing a lot of inconveniences. Hence a CCTV drainage survey can help determine the present and imminent drainage problems the can save money in the long run.

    Prevention is always better
    The right way to approach a problem is to identify it before it gets worse and out of hand. When you have to deal with the elements of your property that are accessible to plain view, the issue can be dealt with in a straight forward way. When it comes to pipelines, you can only see the exteriors and what happens inside them is a mystery. None can predict what can happen inside the drain lines. Drain pipelines not only run inside the walls, crawlspaces and basements, they are also present quite below the building making it impossible for people to become aware of any drainage block issue before it gets worse.
    Drain blocks usually do not happen overnight. They develop gradually and progress over time. This is where CCTV drainage survey becomes important to catch these blockages well before they get out of hand and turn into an expensive repair and big inconvenience.

    What can happen with blocked drains?
    A blocked drain can cause a number of problems to the commercial property and the health of the people using the property. Blockage drains can happen due to some structural problems or a water resurgent issue. It can eventually turn into a nuisance for the property owner demanding a very expensive repair work to be initiated.
    The most common issue arising from a blocked drain is contaminated water. If the contaminated water is left standing for a long time, it can result in a foul smell leading to a number of health issues to the staff and customers. The scene cannot be welcoming to the staff as well as customers.

    How CCTV drain survey helps
    CCTV drain survey deploys closed circuit television technology to provide you with a clear view of your drains. During the installation, a plumber or drainage specialist will fix a camera in the pipeline network and the camera will capture the images that will be displayed on a large screen enabling the plumber to monitor the blocked regions closely. Since they get an in-depth view of the problem area, they can decide on the right strategy to rectify the problem. Hence clearing the blockage is highly simplified. CCTV drain survey companies can help you figure out the problems in your drainage system. Also, you can depend on this service to obtain a clean mapping of the drainage system in the property that is not visible to you.

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