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How Data Center Colocation Can Benefit Your Business



    How Data Center Colocation Can Benefit Your Business


    It is a fact that in-house data centers are highly expensive and most businesses cannot afford them. An in-house server will also mean a major shift from individual servers to fully networked systems. This arrangement is similar to owning a home where you are responsible for all the costs, security, repairs and maintenance. This is why a large number of businesses are today approaching Data Center Montreal for the purpose of housing their data.

    What a colocation facility means
    A colocation facility offers an off-site location for a business to house its data. Professionals over there are on duty round the clock in order to attend to emergency system failures and any security breaches that can happen from time to time. Talking of the issue of power, even here we notice a huge gap between most types of in-house solutions and colocation services. While the in-house data centers can only provide the bare minimum facility in this regard, a colocation arrangement can enable access to diverse kinds of power feeds, on-site fuel sources and many generator systems.

    Local or long distance

    The main question with regard to data center colocation is going local or long distance. For different reasons, experts seem to subscribe to both these views. If your business is located in a metropolitan city, it makes sense to go local as it enables your team manage all those private issues and also manage the regular business operations. If you are located in a disaster recovery zone, it is advisable to see that your data center is located far away. This arrangement will make it possible to transfer the data from the local headquarters to a zone that is free from the threats of natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. Businesses find this arrangement highly comfortable as the safety and security of their data are assured. Talking of a the big picture, the decision whether local or long distance can also depend on if the data center is located in a zone where there is a military base and a strong internet connectivity is accessible.

    What about cloud solutions?
    Some businesses find cloud as a viable alternative to colocation services. However, the downside to cloud is that it is neither a fully auditable system nor permit having a full control over an organization’s infrastructure. A colocation provider will mean that the company can by-pass the storage bills. It is a proven fact that storing data with the help of a colocation service is much cheaper than doing it on cloud.

    Why are colocation services attractive?
    The cost saving benefits are not the only ones that will make colocation attractive, there are a large number of added benefits to colocation including scalability, security and sustainability. The colocation services can help predict the future capacity requirements and support the businesses during their expansion. In the long run, businesses can benefit from the possibility of cost saving and the ability to bank on a state of the art infrastructure. When your capital expenses and operational expenses come down and you get access to professional support all through for a fraction of the cost you will have to spend on an in-house team for the purpose, you get to gain a lot by a colocation arrangement.

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