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How does AERGO differ from many other similar blockchain projects?



    How does AERGO differ from many other similar blockchain projects?


    AERGO is looking to develop a highly scalable, enterprise-ready blockchain protocol. The AERGO platform enables enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications within the cloud.

    AERGO’s core technology is already being used by over 25 million users. The adaptability and production-proven quality-of-service of AERGO’s core technology in enterprise deployments demonstrates the level of technological sophistication in comparison to alternative protocols.

    AERGO is not meant to be an experimental (or theroretical) playground for pushing the limits of blockchain technology, but a productive tool for everyday developers. For developers and IT system-level architects, it aims to provide a production-hardened development and deployment platform.

    As a tool for writing apps, AERGO seeks to introduce the first platform with key features and concepts familiar to full-stack developers, such as SQL, reactivity, and isomorphic programming. A blockchain, which at its core has been designed to allow systematic branching and merging, AERGO’s development platform is proposed to be built to appeal to all developers and encourage collaborative development.

    A new SAM software stack (SQL, AERGO, and Meteor) aims to allows developers to easily build and deploy dApps on the AERGO platform.

    The project is supported and developed by Blocko , a blockchain infrastructure provider founded in 2014 with operations in the UK, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

    For more details, please refer to Aergo Whitepaper ( )