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How to Find the best quality pantyliner online


    How to Find the best quality pantyliner online


    Vaginal discharge is a fairly common and entirely natural occurrence faced by every woman.  Some women use panty liners to protect their underwear from vaginal discharge. They help in keeping them feeling dry, fresh, and clean throughout the day. Pantyliners should be changed every three to four hours. 

    A panty liner is a thin, absorbent pad that is placed in the underwear gusset to absorb vaginal discharge or mild menstrual flow. Pantyliners are tiny and very thin versions of pads that are used to avoid stains and keep underwear clean and dry. If you are facing the same difficulty with vaginal discomfort, then you must try panty liners. Organic panty liners are the most recommended and the most comfortable ones. 


    Types of Pantyliner

    There are different types of pantyliners available in the market, and you need to know about them so that it is easy for you to choose the ones which fit your requirements.


    • Antibacterial pantyliner

    The antibacterial panty liner protects from up to 99% of bacteria. It consists of quick-absorbing pores that take in vaginal discharge immediately. As a result, on non-period days, you don’t have to stress about odor or discomfort using this panty liner. Using a panty liner to take care of any unpleasant odor may help boost a woman’s self-esteem daily. 

    • Organic biodegradable pantyliner

    Organic biodegradable panty liners such as ‘Pee Safe biodegradable organic panty liners are a good choice for everyday use. On non-menstrual days, the organic panty liners’ cotton-made top sheet provides comfort and full protection. It swiftly absorbs vaginal secretions and always leaves you feeling self-confident and comfortable.

    • Hypoallergenic pantyliner

    This type of product is produced entirely of cotton, with no addition of synthetic materials. As a result, irritation and inflammation are kept at bay in the vaginal region, and hives and allergies are non-issues with regards to hypoallergenic panty liners. 

    • Water-proof pantyliner

    The Indian market has a safe and daily-consumable panty liner pad accessible. Premium absorbency pores are used in the construction of this item. To avoid unwanted leaks, a water-proof panty liner is usually accompanied by a water-proof backing.

    • Fragrance-free pantyliner

    Avoid using perfume or scented products on your private parts by using fragrance-free panty liners instead. There are no synthetic chemicals or chlorine in these kinds of panty liners. Cotton is the only material used to make unscented toilet paper. As a result, they’re soft, hypoallergenic, and breathable, making them ideal for daily wear.

    • Reusable pantyliner

    Reusable panty liners are economical and eco-friendly at the same time and are easily available in the market. This extremely breathable product is manufactured from pure cotton material and has an absorbent composition for rapid absorption. They don’t contain any chemicals or other harmful substances. You may save money by using reusable panty liners instead of disposable ones.



    Best pantyliner brands online

    Carmesi, Sanfe, Sirona are some of the best brands of panty liners available in Indian markets. These brands are easily available online on Trell Shop as well.



    First, many dermatologists believe that panty liners might irritate the skin. Rashes, itching, redness, and discomfort can all occur as a result of irritation from panty liners. Second, wearing a panty liner every day may increase the risk of getting a yeast infection.


    Why do you need panty liners?

    • Panty liners are designed to absorb ordinary vaginal discharge, unexpected mild period flow, light spotting, stains at the beginning and end of periods, and post-intercourse discharge. 
    • Panty liners can be worn in conjunction with tampons, pads, and menstrual cups to provide additional protection. 
    • In the course of the menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge can occur for a variety of causes like vagina lubrication, ovulation, etc., to name a few. 


    Why should you buy pantyliners from Trell Shop?

    Trell Shop is a one-stop shop for panty liners of all major brands and kinds. Trell Shop is a reliable online store. We accept debit and credit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery as payment methods. The payment you make is safe and secure because you can pay online with a debit card, a credit card, or net banking. We offer panty liners and other personal hygiene products from the best brands like Carmesi, Sanfe, Sirona, to name a few. 


    FAQs on Pantyliners to clear all your doubts

    • When is it OK to use a pad and a pantyliner? 

    When your period is heavy, you should use a pad. When you have mild spotting, you may use a panty liner. 

    • How often should a person change the pantyliners? 

    The panty liner is designed to be worn throughout the day and to be removed at night before sleeping. However, if your discharge is heavy, you may switch the panty liner as and when needed. 

    • What are the benefits of pantyliners?

    Pantyliners provide regular protection against vaginal sweat, vaginal discharge, mild menstrual flow, and urine incontinence. This thin pad helps to keep the vaginal area dry, promoting healthy vaginal function.




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