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Mountain Bikes Stems – How to Shop for Them




    Mountain Bikes Stems – How to Shop for Them



    If you go on a regular mountain biking, you will develop a healhier body and disposition. Mountain biking is an exercise that could help you burn calories and help tone down your body. But more than anything else, mountain biking is a fun activity, an activity that could lift your spirits up.


    Mountain biking is really fun especially if you are going in groups, with either your family or friends. One of the most important thing you have to ensure before you embark on a long riding is your comfort. You have to make sure that your bike is set as to provide you with maximum comfort you need for a long and rough ride. To ensure your comfort, one of the things you need to check is the mountain bike stem. Read on and learn how to upgrade your mountain bike stems.

    Types of Mountain Bike Stems

    Before you alter the stem of the bike, you have to know that there are two types of mountain bike stems. There is the threadless type and there is also the quill type. You can’t just choose any type of stem that caught your fancy, you have to determine first which type is compatible with your mountain bike. The stem is determined by the headset and fork installed in the bicycle. Aside from this, you should also consider the steerer tube diameter and also the handlebar diameter.

    Length of the Stem

    The length of the stem is the horizontal measurement of the bike’s stem. The typical stem measures from 60mm to 150mm. Mountain bike stems are usually shorter than the stems of the racing bikes. The length of the bike’stem affects the bike’s responsiveness. The shorter mountain bike stems react quickly while the longer mountain bike stems respond slowly.Check best mountain bike under your budget on

    Material of the Stem

    The materials of the mountain bike stems also vary. Most of the mountain bike stems you will see are made of aluminum alloy and some are made from carbon fiber. The mountain bike stems made from aluminum alloy are usually cheaper than the ones made from carbon fiber. You can also find a lot of mountain bike stems that have alloy structure but are wrapped in carbon fiber to improve their appearance.

    The Price of the Stem

    Mountain bike stems vary when it comes to price. The cost of the stem is determined by the material and the weight of the stems. Alloy stems are usually cheaper. However, they are heavy and are not really very attractive to look at. However, if you only take time to look around and compare several items, you will surely find mountain bike stems made from quality materials but are offered for very low prices.

    If you want to be comfortable during your mountain biking activity, you have to make sure that your mountain bike stem is just of the perfect material and size. To choose among the different mountain bike stems, you need to consider factors such as the type of the stem, the length of the stem, and the material of the stem as well. To find quality mountain bike stems for a great price, you can do your shopping online.