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My Life


    My Life


    Life is composed up of many mesmerizing, cheerful, terrible, and sorrowful days. Despite this,anxiety and happiness are part of our lives. Just like a roller coaster ride,life has many up and downs.

    Being in the seventh year of my life my birthday arrived. Just like the past several years we used to celebrate it genuinely exquisite,but what was something different this time? I was lost in the shopping mall where i came with my family to buy the gifts. I was lost in the crockery section which led to a narrow passage. As being a kid, it  fascinated me to such an extent as to make me walk through it.  Only the dark vibes flickered my mind.Well,i heard my mother’s screams finding me across the place thus saving me from an uncertain situation.

    When i arrived at home,i used to ponder over it all day and night. Years after years time passed and this incident flushed out of my mind but as it is said that some memories can not really deplete from your state of mind.

    This incident however was tangled with much more connections further. When i entered the first year of my teenage,my uncle’s wedding arrived. That day indeed was the best which i could choose within my life experiences. The hall was adorned pre-possessingly which could astonish the guests for sure. BUT WAIT.. i encountered another aisle which gave me several flashbacks.

    Few years later,i became accustomed to watching delayed netflix shows and binge eating. Coincidentally or woefully those shows included loads of lanes too!! Will i ever get away with those alley? or will they forever become the part of my sceptical life??





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