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Posters of movie PM Narendra Modi are out and the response it got is hilarious



    Posters of movie PM Narendra Modi are out and the response it got is hilarious




    The poster for the movie PM Narendra Modi is out now.

    Just so you know, it was released in 23 languages. But that’s not why it has become a trending news all over.


    What’s so special about the poster?

    To begin with, the poster shows PM Narendra Modi played by Vivek Oberoi standing in a typical political attire. But the problem is, he isn’t looking like Mr. Modi at all.

    Even with a prosthetic nose, tons of make-up and special effects, he fails to look like Narendra Modi. And social media was all set to troll him for that.



    What was the response of people?

    Well, if you go by the trending news today, everyone seems to be talking about the poster. Twitter is flooded with comments and memes that claim that the make-up team has done a shitty job and that Vivek Oberoi doesn’t look like Namo nor does he look like himself.

    A few tweeters also suggested that some other actor should have been taken to play the role of our PM. Considering the fact that Vivek still didn’t nail it, even after all the extra make-up, it really feel so that it might have been a good option to cast someone else.

    By the way, this is the second biopic which is to be released in 2019.


    The comments on Twitter

    There are several tweets that hilariously sums up the mistakes of this upcoming biopic. Out of all the comments, this one just brought it all out.

    A user wrote, ‘That’s the problem with casting director. @vivekoberoi should have been given role of Manmohan Singh and @AnupamPKher should have been @narendramodi. We want @AnupamPKher to have dialogues and @vivekoberoi to shut up. How hard is it to understand you guys??

    Too harsh, but kind of true. Even though the movie’s poster is currently in trending news, it doesn’t mean it’s undoubtedly going to be a hit. And with veteran actors like Anupam Kher being compared to Vivek Oberoi, you know where the conversation would head.  So, let’s wait for the release and then get back to comparison.


    Another biopic- ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ in controversy

    A few days back, the trailer of ‘The accidental Prime Minister’ was out and soon, it found itself in a controversy.

    The movie trailer that was released on YouTube quickly gained millions of views but then Anupam Kher started receiving messages from his fans that the trailer is missing. When he checked, he found that the trailer was nowhere to be found and in some cases was pulled down on the 50th position or so.

    Both the scenarios were something that you can call unfavourable for the movie. Soon, Anupam Kher took on to social media and asked YouTube about the whereabouts of his movie trailer.

    Thankfully, the matter got sorted out and with that the poster of PM Narendra Modi took over the netizens.


    In Conclusion:

    Both the bio-pics are currently a trending news in India. Apparently, both are in trend because of the iconic roles to be played. Let’s wait and see who does justice to the role and who ruins the entire movie.



    Who would you bet on?