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Promotion and Marketing through Corporate Films




    Promotion and Marketing through Corporate Films


    When it comes to business, one has to keep up with the new techniques and trends because even seconds of loss could make you slide to a different number in the hierarchy. I won’t say a corporate film is a current trend because it has been in the industry for quite some time. However, the fact is owners are now considering to invest in their branding as well.

    Connection with the viewer

    When your corporate movie shows the overall vision of how it all started, history, the face of the brand – all these parameters makes a high impact on the viewer and they connect with your brand. It makes a brand authentic and validates the services/products visually. Apart from branding, these films play an important role in breaking the stereotypes. For instance, the Parle advertisements nowadays are kind of making people aware about their different products which actually we did not know they are manufactured by Parle . So, they were stereotyped in a particular work and even no one cares about that. But, now Parle is having a different image because of the creativity they have come up with.



    Media planning is the key here where production house will be segregating the videos as per the different media. Be it electronic or digital, films have an age. No viewer wants to engage themselves with the same film again and again. So, there are typically three phases –  time when it first hits the market, then the time when target viewers have watched it and then the time it slowly fades away from the media. Usually, this is the time competitors play their role, so a brand has to be prepared with their next plan of action prior to the third phase. Before that, another point which needs to be taken care of is the media buying because every channel and every digital platform has many kinds of scenario and what if that does not match with your requirements. You pay for the production, creatives and the time and get a low viewership.

    Internal Purpose

    A corporate movie can also be used for the internal purpose of clients and employees. It creates a very good impact on clients and employees gets a morale boost while watching the video. Also, it can be presented at different events and ceremonies. Like I said before, it has an age and a brand needs to come up with different ideas in their films as well. Like not everytime or not everyplace could be perfect to tell everybody about the background and achievements. Sometimes it has to be very subtle and basic choice of which goes under media planning.

    What all we understood from the discussion is basically if we considering corporate films for electronic and digital media, we need to target our goals, plan the media and then buy the media. This is a first phase and very basic which goes on factors like creating an impact, making a brand, making people aware of the services/products so on and so forth.