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      Selecting a career path is a crucial and a transformative decision, whether you just got out of high school or considering a change in a career later in life. Maybe you are reading this because you’re one of the many people who may have been considering beauty school but still unsure if it’s the right thing to do.

      Are you obsessed with hair and makeup? Do you love following the latest trends from celebrities? Do you like doing your friends’ makeup and hair for events? If the answer is yes, then these are just signs that you may just be born to go to cosmetology school.

      1. You were already in love with makeup since kindergarten.

      Do you remember yourself always playing with your mother’s makeup and getting in trouble for it? Or maybe your mom hated you because you cut your own hair or your sister’s bangs! If yes, then that’s already a sign that you were born for a career in beauty.

      Although you have put yourself in trouble back then, those already were your early creativity and curiosity showing that you have always had a fascination with beauty and makeup. Higher are the chances that you will be successful in this industry.

      2. You are always updated with everything that’s related to beauty and trends.

      If it’s already in your blood to look at the newest and hottest beauty trends, then cosmetology definitely fits you! Students from cosmetology schools are passionate for the beauty industry and they are always looking for up-to-date trends, examine fashion and industry magazines, as well as closely following trendsetters. Are you like them? If yes, you could be ready for that career too!

      3. You’re always doing your friends’ hair—and they love it.

      If prom or wedding events are coming, do your family and friends consider you always as their go-to person for doing all the makeup and hair? You might even do this for free because you are just happy and the talent comes naturally. You already have the skills in you, with proper training from a beauty school, your talent and strengths will drastically improve and will allow you to make a profitable career out of it.

      4. You don’t see yourself going to a traditional post-secondary school.

      Are you anxious thinking of college because you just know that it’s just not the right fit? Or you’re currently enrolled in college and you found yourself dreading to enjoy every bit of it? Cosmetology school is very different compared to a traditional college. Most of these schools provide a flexible schedule, with day and evening schedules, something that most traditional schools can’t offer.

      Beauty schools tailor their education to their students’ lives and not the other way around. So if you’re a recent high school graduate or want a shift on your career, it’s time to pursue your real passion now, because when?

      5. You are sick of your dead-end job.

      Are your family and friends getting tired of you complaining about how sick you are in your job? Do you keep on complaining because you feel as if you aren’t taking the next step in your career? If you feel like you’re not doing anything meaningful in your work, then that could indicate that you are ready for a career change.

      A career in beauty is not just a job, it’s a passionate pursuit. It is where you get to fully utilize your creativity, create looks and arts in other forms while getting paid for it. Isn’t that a dream job?

      6. You are a natural when it comes to socializing with people.

      You would notice that hair and makeup professionals tend to be the friendliest creatures in the service business, second to bartenders who listens all the time to their customer’s confessions and sorrows. These type of people are great listeners and they have great people skills.

      Do you see yourself in them? Are you comfortable being around with people, listening and talking to them? If you think you would enjoy those things then it’s time for a change to cosmetology.

      7. You want to be your own boss in the future.

      Not all people are born entrepreneurs. Evaluate yourself, do you have enough discipline and passion to be your own boss? If you really have the desire to stop working for other people and you have the drive to take in charge of everything, then attending a cosmetology school is your greatest stepping stone towards becoming your own boss.

      With the proper training and skills you will be needing in makeup, nails, hair, skincare, salon management, and career development, you can step up your game and become a freelance beauty professional or salon owner.

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