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      Aurogra shows effect only once a day. It gives harder straightening. Men also get the stamina of enjoying intercourse for four to six hours. However, if Aurogra pills are tried twice for enjoying intimacy, it can turn into a disaster. Yes, the ED generic medication is not safe to be taken twice a day. No medical professional would recommend taking the drug twice within 24 hours. Most men forget this important advice and end up gaining severe health hazards. Later, they charge the drug with being ineffective.
      Men are advised to read all the precautionary tips with care before using the medication for treating impotence. Listen to your doctor carefully during the treatment and to his advice related to the drug. Aurogra is safe and 100% result-giving, however, still men should use it on prescription. Health complications may arise if the drug is not taken with sincerity.
      Aurogra is a medication, that is described as suitable for all impotent men. But, it’s not the reality. Men who are already suffering from cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are not eligible for the use of this ED drug. Their health problems can exacerbate on using this medication. First of all, check with the doctor if the drug is best for you or not. Men above 65 should also not use it without medical advice. Aurogra involves complications if not taken properly.

      The drug gives positive results in 98% of cases. Simply, it is not popular all over the world. Men love it truly and admire it for its effectiveness. Aurogra is a PDE5 inhibitor. Its main ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. Many broken relationships can see a bright future once again because this medication impregnated brightness into their dark life.

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