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      About the Game:
      It seems that the formula for calculating resistance, defence and damage makes it so that the damage done to higher level monsters with spells approaches tends towards equalling out. What I mean by that is that if you cast 2 different spells on a monster where the monster is strong to one and weak to another, the difference starts out big and that gap closes more and more with the increase of the monster level. For instance, I now have wind at about lvl 1400 and it does about 1k damage per tornado on a monster at the start of the level that is weak to it and about 550 damage if the monster is strong against wind.

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      Around the 70th monster a tornado does about 500 dmg to weak and 480 to strong, doing even more damage with a spell (480) on that blue monster that like to get kicked in the balls than you do with melee(~350 in melee combo, including all attacks leading to it). My conclusion is that it’s better to use only one spell and level that up forever, preferably a faster one that’s simple and the fewest amount of monsters are strong against. Wind fulfills all of these criteria. The crit perk, defence perk, and health box perk then are the most useful early on and last the longest in usefulness and arguably, if you haven’t bought the extra attack perk(white exclamation) or gold exclamation, you’re better off not buying them so you can move to the next monster faster. Late game physical dmg even with crit is negligable. Exp is determined by the level you’re on regardless of monster hp, resistance etc. You get exp for each relevant attack, so the first attack with a spell gives the same exp for that spell as the third that does triple dmg, meaning that it helps to always finish the combo when started. The seconds you spend on building combos and moving to the next monster add up. Car wreck perk does not boost the reward, it’s not useful after 3 or 4 stars. Don’t spend gems on it. After beating the end boss you’ll have plenty of screws to convert. All stars for perks get the same addition and the last star takes quite long, so it’s better to just get 3 or 4 stars and then get 4 for all of them and then 5. Most perks, like the attack perk are only useful early on. 60 more points on a 1600 point spell doesn’t do much and the difference between 50 and 60 is minimal when you consider the spell will be lvl 300 or 400 by that time anyway.

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