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There’s No Place Like Home



    There’s No Place Like Home


    The golden age of portable vaping is here, and it is glorious. We are liberated from having to vape strictly at home and can now enjoy our herbs wherever we want, whenever we want, and that is seriously awesome. The technology in this market is advancing constantly, and for that we are thankful. Yet even as on-the-go vaping is reaching new heights, there is still something to be said for enjoying smooth, flavorful hits of dry herbs within the comfort of one’s own home. As the technology becomes more and more expansive, portable vapes are certainly seeing great improvements; desktop vaporizers, however, are able to accommodate the most sophisticated vaping technology available. Their increased size, direct connection to a power source, and freedom from portability requirements make them ideal to incorporate the absolute most sophisticated vaporization hardware and technology on the market. Even while we are thrilled to enjoy our herbs whilst out on the town, having a premium desktop vape at home, either for ourselves or for entertaining guests, is still an excellent option. Desktop vapes are overall more efficient, and they remain a worthy investment for any vaping connoisseur wanting the Best Quality Herbal Vaporizer available.

    So, when might you be glad that you invested in a super cool desktop vaporizer? On an evening entertaining friends, whether to watch the game, eat pizza, Netflix and chillax, or host poker night, your guests are sure to appreciate your hospitable offer of hits on a top-notch desktop vape.

    Consider the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. This fine work of vaping art and technology includes its revolutionary “cyclone bowl,” which provides vertical airflow that is ideal for both the whip and balloon-bag delivery methods. It now features a high-quality ceramic heating element, and, thanks to its internal fan, the forced-air process of the Arizer Extreme Q propels air through the chamber to deliver admirable vapor clouds you’re sure to love. With a timer, an LCD display system, and remote control, this model is easy to learn and even easier to enjoy!

    Another excellent vaporizer offered by Vapaura is the Vapir Rise Vaporizer. This incredible, best quality herbal vaporizer offers the very best in elite vaping innovation. It includes ultra-quiet operation, with a no fan mode option. It’s equipped with precise temperature control and heats up ultra-quickly, reaching the desired temperature in less than sixty seconds! It has a sleek, modern appearance, with a touch pad control system and a blue backlit LED display. But the best things about this desktop vaporizer are the options it offers. The Vapir Rise is compatible with both dry herbs and wax/oil concentrates, so you have the freedom to switch it up! It also offers dual-functionality, with both whip and balloon delivery systems. Entertaining guests? This vape comes with a multi-user adapter, allowing up to four people at a time to vape together!

    If you’re still unsure about whether or not a desktop vaporizer is worth the investment, picture this: it’s midwinter, and you’re snowed in. Flakes are falling outside your window, and you don’t feel like shoveling out your car or even your front door. Your home is warm and cozy, and you’re clearly spending the day inside. Lucky for you, you have your sweet, high-quality desktop vape at hand to provide you with the smoothest and finest vaping on such a wintry afternoon. At that moment, you sure are glad you invested in a top-quality vaporizer from Vapaura! Even without a blizzard, give yourself the gift of awesome homestead vaping. Treat yourself to a desktop vape from Vapaura! If you have any questions or seek more information about the desktop vaporizer options available on their site, please don’t hesitate to email them at They’re always happy to help!

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