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This Woman Controlled Her Blood Pressure with The Use of YoDo App


    This Woman Controlled Her Blood Pressure with The Use of YoDo App


    She was suffering from high blood pressure, and when she had no idea of what to do then this helped.

    In this fast-paced life, everyone is suffering from one or the other disease, and we do not even have the time to take care of ourselves. Well, people forget that if their health is not good then all of the work and other aspects of life would be of no use and health is of the most prime concern. While there are doctors who can give you the different kind of pills to fight against the disease but nothing is comparable to the health that you gain from the exercises. If you are not physically active, then you are going to get a lot of trouble with your health.



    There is an example of a woman from Mumbai who was suffering from high blood pressure and was taking medicines as per the advice of the doctors. But there was not much effect on her condition, then she planned to start doing exercise but there was no one to guide her at that particular moment when she had to do the running or walking. One day when she was out with her friends then one of them told the woman about an application named Yodo. It is a health management application that helps you attain goals with proper guidance. The application gives you the number of steps or the distance that you have covered while having some milestones.



    When you complete the milestones then you are rewarded, and that reward can be converted into cash in a really easy way. There are a lot of applications out there which do the tracking, but here with Yodo it was precise and the rewards gave the woman a motive. Within 4 weeks of the use of the application, the woman could see a decrease in the blood pressure level and in a few months, it was all normal. With this example, you can understand the power of this application, as it can help you be healthy in ways you cannot even imagine.