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Top most benefited ways to increase the traffic of your blog



    Top most benefited ways to increase the traffic of your blog


    Writing is one of the best ways to communicate with others.And every writer has a desire that his/her writing skills should get appreciate from others in the form of shares, comments, likes and much more.In this blogging field, every blogger tries to explore their talent in the different industry through blogging. If you are one of them in spite of writing a good quality content and still you are lacking behind to gain more traffic then you should have a look at these points to get all answers to your questions.

    1) Enhance your writing skills:-

    If you have decided to make your career in blogging then it is suggested to write and read more. The more you enhance your skills in writing and often update your blog daily, the more traffic it will receive. The search engine gives first priority to the websites who update fresh content and this makes easy for search engine to crawl fresh data for the users.

    2) Know your niche:-

    If you are clear about your niche industry, then you should focus on that industry only. Make it very clear to your audience that which niche you are targeting and write the article targeting your niche. Follow a proper theme that will convey a proper message to visitors.

    3) Think to get influencers to write for your blog:-

    One of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your blog is to invite other bloggers to write on your blog.This will not only increase your shares or likes the content but also get access to become a powerful distribution channel in the form of the influencers social networks.

    4) Get web hosting:-

    Uptime on the website is must for gaining more traffic and this can be possible when you opt for the best web hosting services to host your website. If you have started an online blog, then it is necessary to make your website live 24*7. the In initial stage, you can start with shared hosting and whenever your site receive more traffic then you can move further with VPS or dedicated hosting plans depending on your data.

    5) Select catchy title:-

    Try to get the catchy title of your blog along with the quality content. Title help the users to select your blog for reading and sharing further. If your title is attractive then readers will share your blog or bookmark your site to get a regular updates from your website.

    6) Add photos:-

    Image convey a clear message and it is the easiest way to communicate with the users. Select the images according to your content or title.Usage of images in the post will make the post most appealing and this can help to boost SEO. Avoid using any image from Google because of copyright laws. Design your own image and use in the post.

    7) Highlight the core keywords:-

    If we are talking about SEO then keywords are the main element. One of the finest ways to generate more traffic to your website is to prepare the strategy for each page of your website. Include relevant keywords in the blog post that make users to find that post. Add that phrase to the title of the page and content and this will help you to generate more traffic to the page or website.

    8) Add Inbound Links:-

    Whenever you mention link of another company on your blog post, this will enhance your blog traffic. Because not only Google notice that but also the company, you have mentioned in the post will also notice the same and link back to you.Additionally, this will make user happy because you are providing the resources to them and it make easier to get the solution of the thing which they are looking for.

    9)Add social media button:-

    Add social media button at the top and bottom of your blog posts. This help the users to share your post on social media sites.

    10) Add video and infographic:-

    Google owns the YouTube and that is the reason why every business owner targets the Youtube for the promotion of their business. Videos are the most effective way to communicate with the users. Add short video including your content that makes informative and entertaining.