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Your Wrist Holds Your Future- Know Your Bracelet Lines


    Your Wrist Holds Your Future- Know Your Bracelet Lines


    Palmistry is an ancient science of predicting the future through reading the lines presented on someone’s palm. The lines present on the inner side of your wrist are called bracelet lines. These bracelet lines also known as Rascette lines are used to predict the following things about a person:

    • Longevity
    • Health
    • Wealth or fortunes

    The bracelet lines are located at the meeting point of the wrist and palm. As per the best astrologer, people usually have three bracelet lines with rare appearance of four bracelet lines. For males and females there is a different pattern of reading the bracelet lines-

    • Males- the left hand is considered for the interpretation of bracelet lines.
    • Females- the right hand is considered for the interpretation of bracelet lines.


    What is the meaning of bracelet lines?

    Each bracelet line has a specific meaning in relation to the longevity, health and wealth or fortune of a native. A talk to astrologer may reveal important information through wrist lines regarding your life. Let’s understand what each type of wrist line says about each of these aspects. 

    First bracelet line –

    The first bracelet line demonstrates the longevity, health and wealth of a person at the young age. It shows the age group of before 28 years. A thick, straight, unbroken and darker line represents great health. However, if the line is faded, hazy, broken and thin, it indicates a thin physique for the native. Such natives generally don’t fall ill easily despite having a thin body. A broken and curved line also shows poor health during childhood.

    Second bracelet line –

    The second wrist line predicts about the health and wealth during the mid age. It shows the age group before the age of 56. Here also, a straight, dense, long, and thick line shows great health for the native. They may fall ill sometimes. On the other hand, a thin, broken, or curved line shows traces of poor health. There remain possibilities of getting afflicted with complex diseases during the middle age.

    Third bracelet line –

    The third bracelet line shows the status of health and wealth beyond 56 years of age. A strong and unbroken line indicates excellent physical and mental health for the native. On the other hand, a thin, broken, or curved line gives indications of a weak health and body. The native may face several health challenges in the old age. 

    Fourth bracelet line –

    The fourth line is uncommon to find but whoever has lives beyond 84 years of age. It shows greater spiritual advancements. The native is long lived with not so severe health problems every now and then. A clear fourth wrist line also shows too many children for the native. This is the line of an extremely long life for the native. 


    The hidden indications of the bracelet lines

    Reading bracelet lines in palmistry is not restricted to analyzing the thickness and continuity of them. It involves much more. A help from a palm reader would suffice the purpose brilliantly. But still some hidden indications can be found as follows:

    • Two well traced and complete bracelet lines on the wrist show a person who strongly believes in destiny rather than constructing his/her own fate. They generally don’t possess recognition or wealth in life.
    • Three clearly visible bracelet lines demonstrate huge wealth, happiness, and great health for the native. Also, such natives are highly fortunate and long lived. They live an influential life and gain social recognition.
    • If the native has three bracelet lines on the wrist, with the first as broken, while the other two as dense, thick, and clear, the person would be treated even from the worst of diseases. Good health and over all well-being will follow in the old age.
    • If out of the 3 wrist lines, the first bracelet line is visibly clear and darker, while other two are broken, native may live to the age of 28. However, whole palm analysis is required.
    • If all the three bracelet lines on the wrist are long, unbroken, thick and dark, the individual has a long life going beyond normal age of 80. But, these also add shrewdness to the native.
    • If an individual possesses all thin bracelet lines, it is an indication of deep interest in luxuries and fancy things in life. However, the person will hardly achieve anything on his own and mostly rely on others for fulfillment of desires.

    Special marks on the bracelet lines

    The bracelet lines have different meanings. There are certain markings on these lines which further give more intricate knowledge about the future of a person.

    Islands or small circles

    The appearance of small circles or islands on the bracelet lines depicts the lust and sexual inclinations of the native. Such natives usually get weak due to their over indulgence in sexual activities. These circles also cause kidney related diseases to males and heart or lung diseases to females.

    The presence of a circle on the first bracelet line with other two being clean and thick, the native becomes highly fortunate and wealthy in life. It also indicates excellent career and married life for the native. He enjoys sound health and gets cured with complex of diseases faster than others.

    Chain or wavy pattern

    If the native has waves on the first line with other two lines being dense, darker, clear and thick, the native would struggle a lot during younger age. These natives feel low in energy and remain mentally and physically stressed all day. However, this pattern also gives greater tendencies to achieve desired goals only if the native doesn’t lose heart or hopes halfway.

    With chain or wavy pattern on the first line while other two lines are not well constructed, the native is likely to have weak childhood. He/she may also suffer from the diseases of kidney, lungs and stomach. Such individuals live a busy but short life span.

    Cross mark

    A cross mark at the bracelet line gives a sturdy childhood, but a calm and successful middle and old age. The native enjoys fortunes post-middle age but only after putting constant efforts. Multiple crosses indicate poor health and diseases of kidney. The person may get cold feet and hands and the females have to suffer from menstrual disorders.

    A tilt towards the palm

    The appearance of a bow or a slight tilt towards the palm indicates diseases related to the reproductive system. There could be problems in bearing a child with strong possibilities of abortion. Broken and unclear second and third lines indicate other female-related diseases during the life span of the person.

    If the first line tilts towards the palm while the second and third lines are unclear or broken, the native attract misfortunes for their children as well. In that case if the first line is also broken, the naïve may lose the first child. The tilt of all three bracelet lines towards the palm suggests no child.

    Breaks in wrist lines

    If the bracelet line are broken or exist in fragments, natives need to work physically very hard for most of their life. The break in all the three bracelet lines gives issues like abortions, anemia, other blood related diseases etc. The love life also remains disturbed for such natives but the whole palm analysis is suggested.

    A triangle or star mark

    A star is considered highly auspicious and the native enjoys huge wealth and strong fortune. A triangle indicates inborn talents of the person. The person is a scholar, wise and highly fortunate.



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