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10 Things You May Not Know about PhD Programs in Singapore



    10 Things You May Not Know about PhD Programs in Singapore


    Are you a practitioner who’s thinking of pursuing further studies specific to Biology and Medicine? If so, you may be surprised to find how PhD Programs in Singapore can get quite intensive and highly rewarding.

    Before signing up and enrolling to one of the top PhD Programs in Singapore, here are 10 things which you need to know:


    1. Prepare to get thorough.

    One top of what you’ve already studied and practiced, enrolling among the top PhD Programs in Singapore means you will need to undergo another comprehensive series of studies. In fact, there are programs which teach students from theoretical up to the practicing stages.


    1. See what you’ll focus on.

    Various PhD programs will have specific areas of study. In fact, top universities may even have Signature Research Programmes ranging from Cancer and Stem Cell Biology to Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders.


    1. Fast Tracked and Intense

    While most PhDs take roughly 8 years to complete, there are intense programs which take up to 5 years to finish.


    1. Taught to Small Groups

    To increase the quality of studies, there are programs which make it a point to lessen their number of students. Smaller groups increase chances of optimal knowledge absorption.


    1. Collaboration as a Focus

    In the past and perhaps even until now, most programs would not require teamwork. However these days, programs in Singapore do not exist in silos and encourage collaboration, which is more realistic.


    1. They Go Beyond Memorization

    Thankfully, PhD programs are no longer simply rewarding those who can accurately remember highly essential theories. These same theories may now be put to tests through debates which require critical thinking. This means merely defining and expounding concepts are no longer enough, especially when breakthroughs are being pushed forth.


    1. Specific to the Asian Community

    While Western medicine has substantially given its share of world-renowned and life changing methods, programs in Singapore has tailor-fitted studies specific to Asians. While there are top schools which have plotted their beginnings in the field, it’s certainly bound to be quite useful in the very near future.


    1. Discoveries are Encouraged

    The process of gaining a PhD no longer requires you to stick with hard and fast rules in medicine. While it is necessary to know them, discoveries are given importance to make a long-term impact in treatments.


    1. Proactivity

    Forward thinking is also encouraged when it comes to PhD programmes in Singapore. This is especially applicable to studies related to infectious diseases which may emerge if not prevented.


    1. Sustainability

    To ensure patients of today and in the future will be well-cared for and effectively treated, there are top PhD programs which encourage studies in sustainability. Present and future researches are focused on, so as funding, organization and application will be effective.


    These days, PhD programs have been leveled up for the benefit of practitioners and especially the patients they’ll be caring for. To also level up your skills, see your options and consult with a top institution today.