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5 Useful Tips That Can Make Your Car Last Longer



    5 Useful Tips That Can Make Your Car Last Longer


    You don’t have to be a doctor to take care of your health. Similarly, you don’t need to be a professional mechanic to know how to make your car last longer. We know a bit of exercise every day and staying away from junk foods can do well for us. Likewise, taking care of our vehicle maintenance can provide it similar to benefits, so it can perform at optimum levels throughout the coming years. Whether be it a brand new or a used Japanese vehicle.

    Maybe it’s the first time you own a vehicle, therefore you might not know how you can keep it at its best. So without any further delays here are the five easy tips to help make your car last longer.


    Tip #1: Give It a Regular Wash

    Simple yet effective, giving your car regular washes will give it more life in many ways. You might still be asking, is it really possible? Whether you believe it or not, regular car washes not only take the exterior dirt away but also eliminate the chances of its paint oxidizing into rust. The rust is not only confined to the exteriors but with the passage of time its spreads like wildfire underneath its body. It can go on and spread to the frame and chassis, which can ultimately make driving quite unsafe for you.

    Therefore, it’s pretty good to get your vehicle washed up at regular intervals once every 2 to 3 weeks. Additionally, a wax job once or twice a year from a professional would be ideal to keep the vehicle protected from both dirt and sunlight.


    Tip #2: Maintain the Level and Quality of Fluids

    Again you don’t need to be a professional car mechanic in order to check the quality and level of fluids in your vehicle. The foremost part of your vehicle is the engine which needs good quality and maintained oil levels at all times. A dark-colored diluted oil is a sign that it needs to be changed. Often it’s around 3000-4000 miles when you need to have an oil change. 

    There are other parts that also need to have maintained levels of oil. Whether it be transmission fluid, brake fluid, or differential fluid, they all need to be checked at scheduled times in order to avoid any dangers while staying long on the roads.


    Car last longer


    Tip #3: Look Out for the Car Battery Condition

    Though your car battery stays quiet while playing its part, it requires an equal amount of attention. A car battery usually lasts for a couple of years, but it could be well exceeded if proper maintenance is done accordingly. For doing so, check the level of water inside the batter. Keep it at the advised levels and in case you find a buildup on its terminals clean it up with the help of a brush.

    Honestly, you don’t want to get into the embarrassment of getting stuck in the middle of the road just because of a poor condition battery. So it’s best to maintain it properly and avoid all those early morning hassles.


    Tip #4: Check the Car Wheels, It’s Balancing, and Alignment

    Yet another obvious tip, but plays an important part in the overall vehicle life. Though many people might disregard their importance, your car wheels truly act as a foundation for the whole vehicle. Even though they don’t require any sort of technical maintenance, but keeping them in good condition will extend your suspension components life, and eventually assist in eliminating any transferring of shocks to the body of the vehicle. 

    Similarly, wheel balancing and alignment are equally important to keep their life well extended. So if your wheels need one, simply visit a good tire dealer who will assist you accordingly. Moreover, do not ignore the thin tire treads which require your attention.


    Tip #5: Get Your Vehicle Inspected By a Mechanic

    You might be trying your best to keep the vehicle in shape, but it’s quite necessary to have a scheduled maintenance check-up at a local workshop.

    Your mechanic should be experienced and equally trustworthy so that he can provide you with the best advice for your vehicle maintenance. If you have a Japanese vehicle it’s wise to visit a specialist one.

    Though the mechanic may charge you a bit for the inspection, it will help you avoid those long list of repairs and maintenance at a later time.



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