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6 Benefits of Having a Roof Garden

    Roof Garden

    6 Benefits of Having a Roof Garden


    With cities getting bigger every year there is a constant need for more buildings. The downside of that is the lack of natural space and parks. This is why, recently, roof gardens have become very popular quiet retreats in a busy city.

    So, if you are living in a residential building and you want a great roof garden design you can implement some landscape design Sydney ideas. Planting a roof garden is not too expensive and it’s an investment that will help you improve your well-being and health.

    In this article, we will explore the benefits of roof garden design as well as the reasons why every home and building should have it.


    Benefits of a roof garden


    Improved Mental Health

    Regular daily contact with nature is very important for your mental health. However, many people who are living in cities don’t have the luxury to leave their homes or workplaces to have much-needed daily contact with nature. This is where roof gardens come into the picture.

    You can take a coffee break from work and go to the rooftop where you can relax in a green park with stunning views. This is an excellent strategy for companies because their employees will be less stressed and therefore more productive.


    roof top garden


    Better Air Quality

    Roof gardens are known for filtering and absorbing CO2 emissions and releasing oxygen. By installing green gardens we are reducing greenhouse emissions and conserving energy. It is important to build as many roof gardens in urban areas if we want a positive impact on the city and reduced pollution.


    Effective Use of Rainfall

    Roof gardens have the ability to manage rainfall, which also helps the sewer systems in the cities and prevents flooding. In fact, green roofs absorb up to 80% of rainfall and their plants serve as a natural filter for the water that runs off the building.


    Energy Efficient

    Rooftop gardens are very energy efficient because they provide insulation. This means less air conditioning in the summer and also less heat used during the winter period. Regardless of the weather, by installing a roof garden by following some simple landscape design Sydney ideas, buildings can save up to 50% of their electricity bills.


    Urban Agriculture

    Another fun thing you can do on your green rooftop is produce food. Freshly produced food is more nutritious because it’s not processed. It is also environmentally friendly because it has a smaller carbon footprint.


    Less Noise

    Having a roof garden can help absorb the city noises and provide a quiet and peaceful environment. This is especially beneficial for buildings located near airports.


    If you are looking into building a rooftop garden or you need some other landscape design Sydney ideas, you can check Leaf, Stone, and Water website.



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