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Save Money with Utility Locating Sydney


    Save Money with Utility Locating Sydney


    Imagine you want to build a pool on your property, and while the workers were digging, they accidentally hit and damaged a telecoms cable or a gas pipe that runs underground. Your neighbours would like that a lot, won’t they? I don’t think so! As a result of the damaged property, there is the risk of a fatal injury that might result in fatalities.

    It is risky not to use a utility locator when you want to burrow or drill more than five meters into the earth’s surface. There was a story of a gas explosion, where workers who were digging the ground to pass and lay some electric cables accidentally hit a gas line which resulted in an explosion, injuring four of the workers.

    Utility locating Sydney services uses electromagnetic sensors and ground-penetrating radars (GPR) to find any utilities like telecom cables, gas pipes, and sewage lines buried underground.

    How using Locating Services saves you money

    A non-destructive means of testing

    The X-rays and electromagnetic sensor technology used in determining the depth does not destroy the soil or the earth’s surface. Since the process is non-destructive, you do not accrue any cost from damage to any material or utility.

    It is efficient, and it expedites the project

    Improvements in utility locators ensure that the equipment used is effective. The process requires lesser time than other crude means of utility testing, and it is more efficient. The speed and efficiency ensure that your project doesn’t accrue extra cost due to delays.

    Saves lives and property by precision

    Electrical or gas cables, buried harmful materials, and chemical pipes passing underground can be fatal if you hit them while digging. This ‘hit’ can lead to explosions, chemical poisoning, or electrocution, which can injure or kill the workers. The loss to personal properties and damaged lines are also losses that are accrued when there is an accident. That is why it is essential to always check for buried utilities before digging.

    Gives accurate results and proper information

    Good knowledge of the positions of underground utilities or objects means you know the exact location and places to dig to avoid hitting utility lines. The accuracy of the process will expedite your project and prevent you from damaging underground utilities.

    How to determine when you need the services of a utility locator

    For any major or minor digging more than 5 meters

    Contact utility locators long before you perform any major or minor task that involves digging and blasting in the earth’s surface, like building a pool, concrete cutting, land drilling, etc.

    When unsure about utilities beneath a surface

    There might be utilities buried beneath a surface where you want to work, which is not shown on the utility map. Always engage the services of a utility locator whenever in doubt.

    Removal of a utility

    Finally, when you want to unearth or remove a buried utility, like personal electric cables, you might accidentally tamper with other utilities or miss the location of the buried utility. To avoid accidents, you should always contact utility locating Sydney during excavation.