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6 Ways Tobacco Affects Your Teeth


    6 Ways Tobacco Affects Your Teeth


    Your smile is one of the greatest assets that you have. It helps in defining your first impression and also has a great impact on your overall health. It is for this reason that you have to take good care of your oral health.

    But for that just brushing, flossing and sticking to a healthy diet are not sufficient. You have to visit a dentist once in every 6 months and also ensure that you are consciously choosing wiser lifestyle choices.

    Quitting to smoke is one of the most beneficial life decisions that you can take. This is not only for your overall health but also for your oral health. One of the many adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes is losing teeth.

    Smokers develop more tartar on their teeth as compared with the non-smokers along with many other complications. Here are some of the effects of tobacco on the oral health.

    • Stained Teeth – The stained teeth are the first thing that many people complain about when considering the tobacco effects on the oral health. When exposed to the oxygen, the nicotine turns yellow that can settle into the microscopic teeth pores that result in nasty stains. E-cigarettes can have the same effect on your oral health. Chewing the tobacco is even more dangerous as the saliva mixes with that of the nicotine.

    • Gum Disease – The smoking abuses the gums in a very different way. First and foremost, more bacterial plaque is produced in the mouth that puts the gums in steady attack when you smoke. Secondly, smokers have limited levels of oxygen in the blood and the process of healing is slowed down because of that. Therefore, when your gums get infected your body is not able to deal with it. Gum disease also progresses at an advanced pace among people who are smokers.

    • Tartar and Plaque – The saliva flow in the mouth is affected by the tobacco products which makes it simpler for the oral bacteria to stick to the gums and the teeth. The bacteria-laden and filmy plaque can develop on the teeth and along the line of gums. If not removed on a daily basis, it can harden to turn into tartar. Calculus which is the other name of tartar, calls for professional cleaning to be removed. Smokers are about 3-6 times more prone to developing periodontal disease or gum disease that can attack the roots leading the tooth to fall out.

    • Tooth Decay – Even the tooth exterior is hard, pulp actually forms the interior of the teeth. The tobacco usage causes a lot of damage to the pulp and the exterior teeth. Therefore, tooth decay is a common problem of using tobacco products. People chewing the tobacco products and smoking can have an enhanced risk of tooth decay.

    • Bad Breath – You may already know that smokers have bad breath. The worst part is that this condition cannot be zapped just by opting for a mint or chewing gum. Every time you smoke more than 4000 chemicals pass through the oral cavity and many of them end up collecting on the surfaces inside the mouth. Smoking also contributes to bad breath by making the mouth dry. This can trigger gum infection and your sinuses can also get irritated. These result in post nasal drip.

    • Oral Cancer – Chewing tobacco or smoking the cigarettes can lead to the cancers of tongue, oesophagus, salivary glands, mouth, gums, lips and throat. Chewing tobacco and smoking are the primary causes of oral cancer. Research says that the majority of the people who are detected with oral cancer are reported to have used tobacco products. The symptoms of oral cancer include the mouth sores, problems of swallowing, difficulty in chewing, legions and mouth sores. In fact, people using tobacco products are 4 times more likely for developing oral cancer as compared to people who have never used tobacco products.

    The above are some of the adverse effects that tobacco can inflict upon your oral health. Apart from enhancing the risk of a plethora of other health issues, your mouth is also prone to developing a number of problems if you smoke. So try to shun this evil practice as soon as possible and even consult with the reputed doctors and dentists who offer superior dental treatment in Delhi regarding how you can achieve it in order to lead a healthier life.