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Who puts the ‘HER’ in Hero ?


    Who puts the ‘HER’ in Hero ?

    -by Pragya Joshi


    Who puts the ‘HER’ in Hero ? Isnt it an amazing question and somewhat confusing too. But it should be answered. Let me make it more clear , here writing ‘HER’  I am not referring it to one particular woman but A WOMAN , yes a woman …every woman..this word is very respectable , beautiful for those who understand the value of a woman , and intense in itself and I think its meaning cannot be expressed in words . Let us raise this respect many steps more on this women’s day . Celebrating woman is a way of feeling gratitude to each and every woman in one’s life and make her feel special  .

    But do we think that one special day is required to describe her , celebrate her or to understand her value in one’s life . No , because if we feel that she is an incredible creation of god , every single day is women’s day . She is amazing , she is valuable , she is powerful . 

    A heart full of love , care , softness and motherhood when she is a mother .  

    On her other side she is an ocean full of feelings , emotions, unshakeable love and devotion when she is a wife .

    And when she found herself as a daughter she is very responsible , very sensitive sometimes and a solution to every problem of her parents . 

    She lives so many lives with one soul . And a most beautiful thing a woman can do is she can feel , however, some people are too immature to appreciate the value in woman’s feeling . But we must respect them , carry them forward and everyone should feel the collective struggle of our mothers , our sisters , our daughters .





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