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An Experience all children abroad leaving far away from parents feel.



    An Experience all children abroad leaving far away from parents feel



    An experience when living abroad far from parents: Dedicated to my dad:


    In the world we are living in these days, there are a lot of confession happening every single second. No matter if it’s a good or bad confession, but what’s most important is I would like to make this a love confession to my lovely dad.

    Being one of the child abroad when you are getting old is really painful. Being helpless and not there for you makes me feel lost at times. I question myself, I ask myself? It’s the time that he needs me, and he would love the joy of his kids companion. What let me down most was failing to be there and keep you accompanied just the way you brought me up.

    I believe a lot of parents sacrifice a lot for their kids which all parents in Asia do. Mine was the same as other Asian parents. My dad and mum work hard and use their saving to send their kids for education and even abroad without thinking about their retirement. After 6 years of education graduating as an architect, I would tell you if I do have a chance, I would never choose to study abroad but to do my studies locally while keeping them accompanied.

    It’s undeniable that our parents has sacrifice a lot in life for us no matter what. Work, health, money and time which demand nothing in return. Being far abroad from you, it really makes me worried. I am asking myself how are you? Are you eating correctly? Are you taking and doing your medication right?

    I couldn’t remember a conversation with my dad asking about his truth feeling. A conversation between you and me. A conversation of son and father talk. In the ideal perfect world, we think that we could take over the task from them and take care of them without requesting anything from them. But I fail to do so after 2 years graduating. Instead dad, I still have to get favours from you and rely on you. I still hope you could do one more thing for me. I don’t request anything more but you taking care of your health and be positive. This is the last thing I want and need from you.

    Time flies but memories are still vivid. Remembering the days when you are younger, the days you made Milo ice for me on a milk bottle at Jln Meru house. Peeping though the stairs waiting for my drinks because that’s what I thought my dad was best at doing. These might me the small thing that you could not remember but it’s the bits and pieces that put me together. It’s the thought and action that you would think its small but carried with me for the past 20 over years. A child born into the world with nothing but the first thing they learn is love. Love from their parents.

    I request you to take good care of your health and be at your best state as possible no matter what with a reason. It’s always no too late at any given point in life. I hope you could do this favour for me so I don’t feel so guilty, loss and bad. So that you could give me some time and get my footing stable and give you the companion, time and care I should. My tears roll down every single time when I think what am I doing. I don’t know what I should do trap with 2 legs instead of 2 option I have. It’s a simple calculation I would like to remind the kids out there. Stop and think about it.

    If your parents are in their 60s lets best hope they have another 30 plus years. It seems a lot? But if you are going back once or twice a year? You would be only able to see them 30-60 times in your lifetime and every single time is diminishing. How would you feel?

    For parents out there? I hope you just need to do one simple thing for your children. Which is take good care of yourself, be happy, positive and enjoy the day. Help your kids out there to achieve what they want, take care of you or at least see you a few more times.

    I love my dad and I really mean it.
    Love you dad and hope we could do this one favour and see you soon.