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Card Access System Maintenance Tips Every Property Owner Must know



    Card Access System Maintenance Tips Every Property Owner Must know


    Card access technology has enabled facility owners with enough peace of mind. However, it is common that the components of any card access system can deteriorate with time. The different parts of a Card Access Austin system like doors, card readers, latches, proximity cards and closing devices can be worn out sometime leading to loopholes in the security system you have installed. Often you can easily find out a faulty door, but the system fault can go unnoticed for quite some time till you come across a security incident that has demanded your attention. Know that maintaining your card access system can ensure its proper working and prevent any instances of security breaches and faulty workings.

    Software issues you can expect
    From time to time, some employees come and go. Employees get promotions. This will lead to different personnel taking charges and significant changes in access rights from time to time. Hence the database needs to be adjusted from time to time accordingly to accommodate the changes. If maintained improperly, an access database can give way to threats like unauthorized access, vandalism, access denial to authorized personnel, espionage and vandalism.

    Access control maintenance is crucially important
    Access control systems are the backbone of any security system you have put in place in your premises. Facility owners must be proactive to implement a sound security strategy that can help prevent any mishaps. Preventive maintenance can help find out the vulnerabilities in the access control systems. You can thus fix minor issues from time to time before they worsen. This is a sure way to prevent major breakdowns. Maintenance also helps enhance the sustainability and increase the life of the hardware. In most cases of access control systems, testing and maintenance are done by the company that has installed the card access system. It is also possible to sign up a maintenance contract with a third party firm to maintain the entire system. Whoever maintains the access control system, it is very important to perform an inspection of every component.

    What happens with a maintenance contract
    A typical access control system maintenance contract document will outline the different conditions governing the said maintenance service inspections. It will detail the routines of maintenance, costs of services, contact details of the service personnel, what is included or excluded in the contract and other important information.

    The different tasks of a preventive check
    Usually the card access inspections take care of visual inspections, analysis of system performance, checking the battery power supply, inspection of the mains supply, control components cleaning and servicing, checking the different system components including the doors, locks, readers and keypads, inspecting the network connections in between the door controllers, inspection of the smoke detectors and alarms, checking of the warning devices, identifying any damages to the components that might lead to system failure and faulty working, logging test results and checking of the data logs. When you do not overlook the maintenance of your access control system, you can ensure that it works properly giving the best value for your investment in the long run.

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