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Choosing Mattress Sydney Made of Natural Fibers


    Choosing Mattress Sydney Made of Natural Fibres


    The most crucial factor for a good slumber is a mattress Sydney. Your emotional state might be far away, but with the right mattress beneath you, the rest will be a “night-night history”. The right mattress should have just one important quality; it should lead to a night of good and peaceful sleep.

    Mattress made from natural fibres enables sound sleep, which is vital for the overall physical and psychological well-being of the body.

    Natural fibres can be produced from:

    • Plants (cotton, flax, sisal, jute, etc. the main composition is cellulose)

    • Animals (wool, silk, camel hair and angora)

    • Other organic minerals

    Why you should use a mattress made out of natural fibres

    • Prevents allergies and contamination while sleeping

    Silicon dioxide is the chemical used for flame inhibition in organic fibres mattresses. While the flame retardants used in non-natural fibres can cause allergies to the users, silicon dioxide does not.

    • Highly absorbent materials

    Mattresses made from natural fibres usually contain materials like wool and cotton. These materials are highly absorbent and so, can retain a high amount of liquid without being uncomfortable to the user while sleeping.

    • Cleaner and healthier Earth

    Organic fibres are all from organic materials and don’t release unhealthy fumes during extraction or processing. Non-natural fibres are mostly polymers and release toxic fumes to the environment during production.

    • Your mattress lasts longer

    As a result of the high elasticity that natural fibres possess, they can withstand an excellent level of stretching and still return to their original size. This is an essential quality for a good mattress.

    • Ensures comfort while sleeping

    Organic fibres are highly breathable. This means they can extract moisture like sweat from the user while sleeping, and expel them to the air before bacteria that causes the bad odour has a chance to develop on it. It prevents you from having a gummy body and a smelly bed when you awake.

    Guidelines for choosing a mattress made of natural fibre

    • The GSM value

    How can you tell if you are getting your money’s true worth on your mattress? How can you ascertain the amount of the natural fibre used? The GSM (gram per square meter) value refers to the actual mass of natural fibre that was used in a layer within the mattress. It shows you the ratio of natural fibre to the mattress coverings used. This value is indicative of the quality of your mattress.

    It is essential to inquire about the GSM value of your mattress.

    • The type of Organic Fibres used

    Mattresses made of wool (animal) or cotton (plant/cellulose) are the most breathable mattress and can absorb moisture better than any other mattress from other natural fibres. It is important to also pay attention to the type of natural fibre used for your mattress, as they all have peculiar characteristics.

    • The texture of the Mattress Covering layer

    Not all Natural fibres possess the same texture. It is better to know the texture of the mattress covering you want, as this determines the material. The various textures of mattress include;

    1. Medium texture (Horse-hair, Mohair, Hemp);

    2. Firm texture ( coir, flax, bamboo);

    3. Soft texture (cashmere, Alpaca, wool),

    4. And the super soft texture (Vicuna, Bamboo, cotton) upholstery.

    Finally, mattress from natural fibres requires high skill and material source in manufacturing which makes them expensive. But if comfort is your top priority and you are an advocate for a cleaner environment, a mattress Sydney made from natural fibres is the best choice ever.