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Dog Daycare – A Luxury or A Necessity?





    Dog Daycare – A Luxury or A Necessity?


    When some people think of a doggy daycare, they might visualize some pampered and spoiled pooches in sparkly collars, living a premium lifestyle, thanks to their opulent owners. Decades ago, a doggy daycare might have been a luxury for the economically gifted sector.

    However, since the last few years, the pet care industry has rapidly evolved. Today, a pet daycare system is adopted by all segments of customers and the economic boundaries are blurred. Now the common thread that binds pet parents is that they are concerned or conscientious parents who want the best for their furry friends.

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    Doggy Daycare Has Changed

    Out of all the areas in pet care, doggy daycare has seen phenomenal growth. Pet parents are now offering their pets the same care, social outlets and activities as they do for their human children. Today, pets host and go to birthday parties, give and take gifts from each other and also have lots of play dates and friends. While all this can be super exciting for the dog, it is not possible for parents to do everything by themselves. Busy schedules, hectic lifestyles and working partners make it difficult for pet parents to fulfil all their pets’ needs. Thus, a daycare becomes a saviour in such cases.

    Pet parents enrol their pets in a daycare just like they would to their human child. They drop their pooches while going to work and take them home in the evening. They even ask for report cards on their progress and want to know about their day, including what they ate for lunch, who they played with, and who is their best friend at the center!


    The Economic Aspect

    One of the main reasons why daycare centers for pets were considered a luxury is because of its high expenses. Luckily for pets and pet parents, the costs have considerably reduced now. Based on where you stay, daycare costs anywhere from $15 per day to $35. This cost can be worth it based on your situation.

    For instance, if you have a small puppy who needs to be house-trained, a daycare can be a great choice to keep him on track. It will give him access to relieve himself during the long hours when you’re at work. Especially if you have a lab or golden, puppyhood may seem like a long time and a daycare can be a great solution.

    A dog daycare is also extremely effective to burn all the excess mental and physical energy of pooches. A number of training and behaviour professionals state that a daycare has become a necessity for many dogs and their parents. If you are economically uncertain, you can always start with just 1 or 2 days a week rather than enrolling them for all 5 days. A number of daycare centers offer great flexibility for their pay packages and discounts for advanced bookings too.


    A Great Solution

    A doggy daycare is a right choice for anxious, high-energy and bored pooches. After a day of jumping, rolling, fun and socialization, dogs get good mental and physical stimulation. There’s time allotted for snacks, naps and play too! In the evening when their owners pick them up, they are healthier, happier and ready for a good night’s sleep!

    As hectic lives have become an unavoidable reality and work and family obligations leave little or no time for pets, dog daycare comes to the rescue. They save a bored and lonely dog’s psyche and also offer peace of mind to the owner. This makes daycare a real necessity rather than being a luxury in modern times.


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